Terms & Conditions for flight bookings East Africa


First of all an inquiry is done through telephone, email, fax to ascertain the availability of the aircraft before booking is done. After a quotation is given and it is accepted then a booking is made.

Booking Procedures

(a)Once the quotation is accepted then a local purchase order,voucher,fax,email is send with all the details such as, names of passengers,nationalities,passport/ ID numbers, date and time of travel, type of aircraft needed, with instructions like non-smoking,vegetarian,on wheel chair, need two pilots ,need Champagne on board, sodas and the name of destination etc.

(b)Then confirmation through l company email and not personal unless advised otherwise, or a copy of the fax, local purchase order, voucher is stamped and send back.

(c) The charter price/fares will be valid for one year unless the government increases fuel or cost per mile then we will adjust the charter rate/fares accordingly.

(d) We will strictly allow 15 kilos per person ideally in soft bags per person on full capacity and for excess baggage we will charge as freight price per kilo subject to availability for space and a seat represents 75 kilos which will be charge at child fare. Therefore if you have more luggage to take a bigger aircraft to avoid last minute disappoints. Some people are larger and some of the aircraft are utility size hence causing discomfort and due to safety and comfort reasons we recommend such people book an extra seat at child’s fare.

(e) For bookings for local flights can be done within hours expect flights to North and North Eastern Kenya where we will require 2 working days notice to obtain police clearance as it is restricted way.

(f)For flights to Somalia the client will have to give us a letter to be taken to Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating the purpose of the flight which will require 2 working days notice but for NGOS and United Nations one working day notice

(g) For flights to Uganda we will get clearance within 4 hours, Tanzania 2 working days notice same applies to Rwanda and Burundi. Flights to DR Congo you will pay usd 1,000 which is non-refundable payable before the clearance is issued.

(h) Flights to South Sudan you will require to produce original passport, 2 passport size photos with usd 50=00 per person for the pass for a period of one week to 3 month and usd 100=00 for 6 month and on arrival South Sudan you will pay usd 100=00 for visa and this will take 2 working days notice and the rest of Africa minimum 3 working days notice. For Djibouti, Khartoum, Somalia, Elitrea, Ethiopia on Fridays they dont work and for this case you have to apply for the clearance earlier as they go for prayers on this day.

Payments Procedures.

After the confirmation by email, voucher, local purchase order fax then a deposit 50% of the total cost of charter or tickets is paid as a commitment that the flight is on.

Payment is done either by cheque, wire transfer, m-pesa, zap, or credit card. For Wire transfer you will have to obtain the bank account, branch, swift code and the name of account and it will depend if you are using Kenya shillings or us dollars we have all the accounts.

For flights booked one month in advance , when paying in Kenya shillings you will pay 2 weeks to the flight and by us dollar cheque three weeks in advance, by cash 3 days in advance same apply to m-pesa and zap. International cheques will only be accepted for bookings made 2 month in advance as they take one month to clear same applies to credit card.

Cancellation Procedure

1. Any bookings made it has to be accompanied by email or fax.Cancellation done in less than a month arefund of 25% is charged whereas if cancellation is done within 2 month to the date of flight then 15% will be charged as administration costs.

2. For cancellation for flights booked from 7 days to 1 day the cancellation fees will be 25% cancellation made in less than 7 days,50% cancellation done in 4 days,75% cancellation done in 2 days and 100% cancellation done in less than 1 day.

3. Cancellation fees will not be charged in the case of the client have fallen sick and with a medical letter from a qualified medical institution signed and stamped by a qualified doctor and also on condition he/she will utilize the flight on a later date and also for those who had delays on connecting flights due to weather or technical problem and please note no refund but the flight to be utilized even if on a different route.

Payments Procedure

1.Once the flight is confirmed a voucher will be required or a confirmation email thereafter an invoice with bank details will be send for payments.

2. Flights booked via internet within 3 month a deposit of 30% of total charter will be paid via wire transfer and balance 6 weeks to the date of travel.

3.Flights booked via internet in less than 3 days then a letter of undertaking on the company’s letterhead will be scanned and emailed or faxed and payment to be made cash before departure.

4.For bookings done in a month full payment will have to be made via wire transfer.

5.Instant bookings or emergency a letter of undertaking will be required stamped and assuring that payment will be made cash before departure.

Limitation of Liability. 

1. The captain of the Aircraft shave have complete discretion concerning the load carried on board the Aircraft, the amount of freight to be carried and its effective distribution, as to whether or not any flight should be made and as to all other matters relating to operation of the Aircraft in respect of the relevant weather conditions, airport facilities, flight and operations manual of the Aircraft and Captains decisions are final and binding.
2. For all international carriage by air to which the Convention is applicable, the customer shall ensure that the provisions of the Convention, as relevant to the flight concerned, and all obligations of the Carrier there under are duly observed.If the transportation routes involve an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of destination, the Convention may be applicable and the Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of carriers for death or bodily injury and in respect of loss or damage to baggage.

3. Except as the Convention may otherwise require, the Carrier/Agent, do not accept and shall not be liable for any death, wounding or personal injury or claim of whatsoever nature, whether for death or bodily injury of cargo attendants or loss of, or damage to, or delay of baggage, mail or freight, whether arising in contract or in tort, including negligence or otherwise occasioned by the Carrier, its servant or agents.

4. Other than factors attributed to weather, air traffic control delays, Carrier shall guarantee and provide the customer and /or its authorized agent the whole route schedule before commencement of flight and immediately after every stop en-route.

5. Carrier is bound by governmental regulations and Carrier shall have no liability for any actions undertaken in compliance with such regulations. Carrier my substitute with consent from Customer type/s of aircraft. However Customer will not be liable for any additional cost unless such cost is negotiated before hand.
6. Carrier shall not be required to change the itinerary without prior notice, and may condition changes on additional charges this is on scheduled flights.

7.Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and any amendments done within 120 hrs will be charged at usd 50=00 per ticket.

8.The carrier will not be responsible for any direct or consequential costs resulting from any delays from any delays to its services and particularly if a delay results in missing a connection to another carrier-domestic or international flight this applies on scheduled flights.

9.Child fare (2-11) is 80% of the applicable fare this applies on scheduled flights.

Please  read carefully this terms and conditions so that there is no misunderstanding for clarification  email sales@flywingsaviation.co.ke  or call 24/7 mobile +254775532509,+254734403235 anytime.

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