We provide aircraft and helicopter on adhoc air charter  contract flights  and this means you can get special charter prices whereby a firm is required to give at least 3 flights in a month but can give a short notice and it will be subject to availability at the time of inquiry.Adhoc  air charter flights are the most prefered air charter services in Kenya.These services have no costs you only charter the aircraft or helicopter when you are ready to fly but it has a challenge in case of emergency then it will depend on availability.-Aircraft-Leasing-

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We have aircraft ranging from 1 seater to 127 seaters in normal seating and can be configured to VIP AND we have SENECA V PA-34 5 seater in VIP Configuration, Citation Bravo Jet 560 8 Seater,Citation Bravo Jet 550 7 seater,Super Kingair 200 8 seater,Super King air 350i 8 seater and for large jets we have our partners in Dubai, South Africa and Canada who can provide Learjets,Gullfstream G550,Global 8000,Citation Bravo, B737-800,B737-300,B777,,Airbus 319/320/330/380.

With adhoc and contract arrangements you don’t have to commit unlike the dry and wet lease where you will pay whether you fly those hours or not.Adhoc charter flights are cheaper for long-haul flights and expensive for short flights.

As for long haul the aircraft flies at a high altitude where it uses less fuel whereas on short flight it flies at low altitude and consumes a lot of fuel. Contracting charter flights are suitable to organizations that have seasonal projects and have the exact dates of the flights and can do in a month or 3 month at least 2 flights in a month and they can enjoy special discounts.

And also due to their forward planning they will be able to block aircraft on dates that they flying other waking up and calling for flights and adhoc charter flights will be available subject to availability at the time of inquiries.
helicopter-leasingWe provide very competitive charter rates for organizations, travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers both locally, regional and internationally for private charter flights.

These aircraft are single engine piston, twin engine piston, single engine turbo prop, twin engine turbo prop and jets for adhoc charter and contracting hire. The crew are well experienced and they have undergone customer care course to be able to interact with his/her clients where carrying out their duties and they are very friendly.

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