We have departments to enable Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited serve their clients better by providing reliable, efficient, effective ,cost effective services without compromising with safety.


Capt Erick A Lugalia.

wings-headerHe is a pilot by professional and currently flying for Kenya Airways and also in-charge of the board of directors for Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited.He has over 5,000 hrs flying experience have trained in United States of American before joining Kenya School of Flying for his conversion.

He is rated on C-172, PA-34, C-208, B200 SUPER King-air, B1900, B737-300, and B737-800 ,Embraer 170/190he holds Airline Transport Pilot License.He has worked for general aviation at Wilson Airport before joining Kenya Airways in October 2005.He worked for World Food Programme, UNCAS in Somalia & South Sudan, DR Congo and for DHL flying parcels to Entebbe, Kigali, and Daresaalam.He has masters degree in Aviation Management at East Africa School of Aviation. Recently he was promoted and he flies the CRJ Embraer 170/190 as captain.


Anthony A Juma.

He is in-charge of the entire operations and he oversees, finance, customer service,marketing, administration,reservations and flight operations.

He holds a degree in Business Administration (ABE) with advanced diploma in Sales& Marketing, Operations & Flight Dispatch, and Customer Service with over 22 years experience in aviation industry and he is currently pursuing his masters in Business Administration specializing in strategic marketing.lease

He has held senior position as Operations & Marketing Manager for over 10 years and 2 years as General Manager before joining Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited as Managing Director & director in 2006 up to date.He has a wealth of experience in air charter services for both cargo &passengers .

He was the operations Manager for Aircraft Leasing Services Limited from 1997 to 1999 handling World Food Program me, UNICEF, PSF, ICRC, UNHCR contracts among others .He initiated the franchise for INTERLINK on the Nairobi-Lokichogio route with ALS in 1999 and also the scheduled service Nairobi-Mara,Mombasa-Mara,Nairobi-Lokichogio among others.

He joined Kenya Aeronav as Marketing Manager and won contracts with international organizations ,Government Ministries,Tours & Travel Companies like Kencell no Airtel,Kenya National Examination Council, Siemens, Securicor Security Services nowcargo _freight G4 Securicor, Judicial Commission of Kenya,Micato Safaris,Somalia,Kenya Wildlife Trails, Abercombie & Kent ,Private Safaris, Electoral Commission of Kenya among others.

He has over 22 years of experience in Air Ambulance Flights,Contract Flying,Scenic Flights,Scheduled & non-scheduled flights for cargo & passengers,humanitarian & relief flights for cargo & passengers, cargo flights ,helicopter flights, aerial survey & photography flights among other aviation related activities.

At Wings over Africa Aviation Limited he has managed to build a client portfolio with Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organization, Government Ministries, Tours & Travel Companies both local and a broad.

He is available 24/7 on his cell phone in-case you need any assistance irrespective of day and time.

Executive director

Violet Nyatundo Ngolo.

She was brought on the Board of Directors as an executive director after the resignation of the founder member and Chairman of the Board opted out.She is a director of other firms in Tourism and hardware industry.She has a wealth of experience in the business world and her inclusion on to Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited Board of Directors shows how gender sensitive the company is and it also due to her adminstratorexperience and investments prospects that she has been able to enter onto the Board.

She has done business administration course up to the Diploma level and she is an administrator by profession.

She will ensure the experience she has she shares with everyone at Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited and even with our existing and customers to come for the efficiency,reliability and effectiveness of the services offered by ensuring the customers needs and complains are handled to their satisfaction.experienced_cargo handlers

Sales and Marketing Depertment

It is headed by personnel with an advanced diploma in business administration, sales & marketing, customer care.

Its role is to carry out continuous research & development and ensure our clients are given quality of their money.This department also has designed a feedback form where clients put their suggestions and comments that will assist the firm in improving their services to meet customer marketingexpectations and needs.

It also checks on the similar products and services that our competitors provide to ensure we out shine them.They always bring innovative and creative ideas on how to make the firms services different from our competitors.

They do both tele marketing, door to door campaign, online marketing to create awareness of our services regionally and globally.They also handle customers complains as they are the ones who search during marketing campaign and they ensure what they promise the client is what is provided.

Safety Department.

It is headed by a pilot who has undergone safety and aviation course and he/she reports direct to the Managing Director on safety issues that might affect the company operations on limitations, airstrip or airport runways and if they are any obstacles surrounding which might be hazardous.

He does a regular visits of all the airstrips that the company operate into safetyand access the situation.If he feels that a certain airstrip is a threat to safety he will advice the Managing Director and the Chief Pilot for suspension of flights into that airstrip/airport until the situation is rectified.

He organizes for weekly meetings and seminars for all flight and ground operations to deliberate on safety issues and implement them as deemed fit to enable the company operate safe and with the international set standards.

Maintenance Department.

We maintain high standards of maintenance by adhering to the manufacturers manual and ensuring the maintenance company engaged in maintaining our aircraft is an Approved Maintenance organization by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country of Registry.maintainance

Also we ensure they are quality certified organization and their engineers are well trained on all the types of the aircraft they maintain.

We also ensure any modification recommended by the manufacturer is done in accordance with the manual and the engineers are sending by their maintenance organization to be trained on the new technologies.

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