This is Piper Seneca 111 twin engine and it can carry 5 people plus pilot 6  ideal for scenic & sightseeing flights,filming flights,aerial survey & photography flights,air taxi flights,private charter flights.It flies upto 16,000  feet above sea level one crew operations it has short take off and landing performance.


This is Seneca 111 twin engine aircraft 5 seats with pilot 6

Due  to the complexity of having to fly back to Nairobi  from Kenya national parks,game reserves,private sanctuaries & Conservancies   Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited  has worked out a solution to this.With the collaboration of Ministry of Interior and Coordination through department of Immigration and with The Treasury through Kenya Revenue Authority direct flights can be arranged from Masai Mara,Amboseli,Lake Nakuru, Mt Kenya,Samburu, Shaba,Meru,Lake Naivasha,Lake Nakuru,Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria,Lake Turkana without necessarily having to come back to a point of entry of exit.

The measures put in place is to provide transport for immigration and customs officers to be able to facilitate the clearance from any of the national parks,game reserves,private sanctuaries,private conservancies by providing details of the flight including nationality and passport numbers for the passengers  by giving at least a notice for one week to enable them allocate officers.With those tour companies or travel agents with a fixed itinerary maybe in a year a block clearance can be obtained and officers allocated for the purpose.The tour company or charter company will provide for transport to and from where the facilitation is supposed to be done.

To be able to attract more tourists  luxury or budget  we have segmented flights into various category,VIP Executive Business charter flights,Private jet charter flights,private air taxi charter flights,private air charter flights,Helicopter charter flights and it will entirely depend with your budget.We can fly directly from Entebbe airport to any of the national parks,game reserves, private sanctuaries, private conservancies into Kenya as long as it has been arranged with the concerned government departments officially.Private jet charter flights Entebbe to Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli,Lake Nakuru,Mt Kenya, Aberdares,Lake Naivasha,lake Turkana.These flights can be scenic flights, aerial survey & photography,Sight Seeing flights,filming flights name them.

We at Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited know what it means for being on holiday thus the need for hassle free to have a memorable and enjoyable holiday.For us to be able to achieve this we have arrangements with immigration and customs department for facilitation of clearing tourists  in national parks,game reserves,private sanctuaries,private conservancies without having to fly to a point or entry or exit .All is needed is if the tour or travel company has a programme then we can secure block clearances  for direct flights from safari parks to point of entry and exit in Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda thus giving your clients a premier service to have  a memorable safari holiday.For  normal flights we will require 4 working days notice to secure permission to  make direct flights from safari parks to any point of exit and entry in East Africa countries.Let_L-410


This is Cessna 172 single engine piston it flies up to 12,000 feet above sea level.It is ideal for aerial survey & photography,filming flights,scenic & sightseeing flights,air taxi flights,private charter flights it carries 3 people plus pilot 4.

Cessna 206

Direct flights from Tanzania airports to Kenya national parks,game reserves,private sanctuaries and conservancies. Direct flights from and to Kilimanjaro airport, Mwanza airport, Musoma airport,Arusha airport,Zanzibar airport to Mara Fairmont safari club,Mt Kenya fairmont safari club, Olopejeta, Serena Mountain Lodge,Samburu Intrepids,Sabaab lodge, Samburu Lodge,Samburu Sopa lodge, Kilanguni Serena, Finch Hattons,Saltlick Sarova Taita Hills,Mara Intrepids,Siana Springs, Keekorok Lodge,Mara Sarova Lodge,Mpata Safari Club,Karen Blexin,Baletuer camp,Kichwa Tembo camp,Main Governors Camp,Little Governors Camp, Porini Mara,Saruni Mara,Saruni Samburu,Shaba Sarova Lodge ,Joys Camp, Kitich,Loisaba,Solio Ranch,Elsa Kolpje Meru national park.These flights are premier as immigration and customs clearance is done at the safari parks as the immigration and customs officers are provided.These services are available and for companies with a fixed scheduled block clearance can be secured thus no need for applying for permits all the time.For one off flights one week notice is required  to secure clearances. Fleet of  helicopters from 1 to 7 seats  and fixed wing aircraft from 1 to 50 people available for charter.Flight  time from  Kilimanjaro to  Masai Mara approximately  2 hours  on Cessna 172/182  for 3 people excluding pilot.

These direct flights are tailor-made for individuals, organizations,  tour and travel companies,business executives who do not want the hassle of making several stops before reaching their destination.We have partnered with various hotel chains in East Africa to be able to give private air safari packages which includes return air tickets,full accommodation,park fees,game drives, transfers at national parks and airports at very competitive prices and with one stop purchase.Private air charter & accommodation air safaris are unique in that your will have your privacy and dictate on departure times or when to fly and you can even extend your stay by giving the charter company notice and still be accommodated.This services are provided using single and twin engine piston,single and twin engine turbo prop,jets based with the status of the airstrip.For where the client needs VIP flights are airstrips are not serviceable for jets or twin turbo prop aircraft we provide Helicopter flights.



We have private flights  for travelers whose schedule cant match commercial flights timetable and also for those who needs premier services being flown direct without having to go through point of exit or entry.Some tourists hate the hassle of  several landings and take offs thus making direct flights their choice for uninterrupted  tour.

After  viewing  River Nile  and doing gorilla safaris in Uganda without hassle you can fly direct to Kenya safari parks where immigration and customs is facilitated at the hotel.We have  helicopters ranging from 1 to 7 seater and fixed wing aircraft from 1 to 50 seater for private charter  into safari parks in Kenya.You can hire VIP private Helicopter,VIP private jet, private air taxi,private helicopter air taxi or in-case of emergency we provide emergency evacuation flights from national parks and game reserves  to  hospital with specialized facilities thus making our services not limited. You can have scenic & sightseeing flights  as you fly to your next destination.

Direct air safari flights are premier as it is hassle free from flying from airport to airport  especially for tourists who are afraid of height and that is why Wings Over Africa Aviation is different from other charter companies in East Africa as we are innovative and creative and providing differentiated services and unique from our competitors.

bell 407

For inquiries  and flight bookings call our emergency lines anytime +254775532509,+254734403235 or Whatsup +254722599185 for instant qoutations and flight confirmation.


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