We offer Private charter flights in Kenya at the best prices. If you would like to use Private jet flights to different destinations in Kenya, then we are the right company to hire. Our flight serves different purposes, for instance, you can get private charter flights from us to reach different cities in Kenya with ease. For instance, if you have a business trip in Kisumu Kenya ,Mombasa Kenya,Marsabit Kenya,Lamu Kenya,Malindi Kenya,Ukunda Kenyaor Eldoret Kenya, you can save time in talking our flights. We cover all major cities in Kenya hence you will find our services very reliable. Some of the services we offer include the following:

Helicopter flights 

If you would like to hire sightseeing flights, then you can opt for one of our helicopters. The advantage of hiring a helicopter comes in where you can move close to your given tourist attraction site. For instance, you may like to visit Maasai Mara game reserve and have a close look at the elephants, we will avail the right helicopter for you.

Scenic and sightseeing flights 

If you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery in Kenya, then hiring one of our helicopter flights can be a great deal. We have experienced crew who will ensure you enjoy the best services. All our flights come when well-maintained with experienced crew and insurance cover. You can board them with confidence knowing everything has been taken care of. You can book our services online to enjoy the best experience in Kenya.

Aerial survey and photography flights 

Will you like to take aerial photos of different cities in Kenya? It does not matter where you would like to take aerial photos. Kenya is a beautiful country with different landscapes where you can take photos. Our pilots will take you there and allow you to enjoy the great experience.

VIP charter flights 

If you would like to move VIP from one city tot eh other in Kenya, then we are here to offer you the best air transfer services. Our helicopters and jets are fully serviced to serve in carrying VIPs. With the highly experienced crew, you can rely on us to realize the best in your VIP transfer services.

Air Ambulance   

We also offer Private jet flights which can serve as an air ambulance. You may have been injured in remote places in Kenya. It does not matter whether you were in a game drive and you were exposed to an accident or your health condition became worse. Our crews are highly experienced in such a situation. We will respond fast and offer you the necessary evacuation services you deserve.

Direct flights from Safari Parks 

You may have enjoyed a safari trip to Kenya and you would like to rush back home. There is no need to worry, you can work with us and we will avail a private jet or a helicopter to take you to the airport so that you can catch the flight back home. We try to make our services as convenient to you as possible. Try our services and we will assure you the best private charter flights.

Private Air Charter Flights Africa

The most favored tourists destination being Zambia,South Africa,East Africa and Central Africa.We have Private air taxi flights,Private Jet Flights,VIP charter flights to the most renowned tourists destination namely Serengeti, Ngorongoro,Lake Manyara, Selous, Mahale,Ruaha,Sasakwa,Masai Mara Lamu Island,Samburu,Amboseli,Tsavo,NgoroNgoro_Crater
Lake Nakuru, River Nile,Lake Albert,Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo,Kruger,David Livingstone, Victoria Falls,Ssese Islands just to Mention and due to  overbooking during high season that is from Mid June to December  some travelers do opt to go for private air charter flights  and sometimes some needs privacy and the scheduled flights timings do not match with their inbound or outbound flights.We have private air charter flights and Private VIP charter flights segmented to meet the needs of every traveller depending on the budget  and class.

Air charter flights are available from airports within Africa to anywhere within and out which have been segmented to the following categories, Private charter flights,private air taxi charter flights,cargo charter flights,freight charter flights,air ambulance charter flights,emergency evacuation charter flights,search & rescue charter flights,scenic flights,filming flights,aerial survey & photography flights,sight seeing flights,helicopter flightsprivate jet
,VIP Executive business jet charter flights,private executive jet charter flights,photographic charter flights,corporate safari flights,tourists flights,air drops charter flights among many other aviation related facilities.

These flights operate from Wilson airport, Jomo Kenyatta airport,Nanyuki airport,Mombasa airport,Lamu airport,Malindi airport,Ukunda airports in Kenya to all national parks,game reserves and private sanctuaries and major cities in East Africa.From Uganda private air taxi,private jet flights,VIP jet flights,Air Ambulance,Emergency evacuation flights depart from Entebbe airport ,Soroti,Arua,Kitgum,Jinja,Kisoro to tourists destination within Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Tanzania.In Tanzania flights Private air taxi,private jet flights,VIP Jet flights depart from Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Mwanza, Dodoma,Dar to tourists destination within East Africa states.

In Africa we do have airports which operate 24/7 and those operating from 0630 hrs to 2030 hrs and others operating from 0630 hrs to 1800 hrs.In Africa we have the following international airports Jomo Kenyatta,Moi Mombasa, Daresaalam, Zanzibar ,Kilimanjaro,Addis Ababa Juba Khartoum Mogadishu ,Kigali, Bujumbura, Cairo, Abuja, Tripoli, Windhoek, Durban, Cape Town,OR Tambo, Lusaka, Bulawayo, Maputo, Djibouti, Elitrea,Comoros just to mention a few.In the major international airports we have inbound and outbound flights dropping and picking passengers connecting flights within and outside African continent.

Charter flights are charged on an hourly basis or cost per mile and the longer the flight the cheaper the cost and for long haul flights we do recommend using jet aircraft pressurized that flies at 25,000 feet to 42,000 feet above sea level with two crew ,flight attendant, refreshments ,entertainment and refreshment and meals served on board with spacious cabin for comfort ability,adjustable seats and toilet.Fleet include Dash 8-100/200 37 seater,Beech craft 1900C/D 18 seater,Beech craft 200/350 10 Seater,Citation Bravo 7 seater 550/560 which has a conference table fixed and toilet but the rest seats can be configured to VIP and toilet installed.

Air Charter Flights Kenya

We provide air charter services to businessmen/women,United Nations,International organizations,Non-Governmental Organizations, individuals,government Ministries,parastals,tour firms,travel agents and hotels.Charter flights and are charged based on the aircraft capacity irrespective of whether the aircraft has full capacity ore one ,two passengers but you pay for the entire aircraft.private-jet-2

We have aircraft in different capacities of 3, 5, 7.10.12, 18, 37,40,50,90, 124 for passengers and 100 kilograms up to 15 tones for cargo among others. We provide private charter services within Africa Continent depending on ones need and want for both cargo and passengers. Our fleet includes piston, turbo prop, jet and helicopters. With fixed wing we have single engine piston and turbo prop, twin engine piston and turbo prop,jets.

The customer has a variety to choose from,VI.P Executive flights,Tourists flight,Filming flights,Aerial survey &photography flights,cargo& freight,Helicopter VIP privateprivate jet 4
charter flights,air ambulance charter flights, emergency evacuation charter flights,humanitarian aid & relief charter flights into/out of Eastern and Central Africa including South Sudan & Somali and many other services but just to mention a few.Air charter service into DR Congo to destinations like, Kinshasha, Kisangani, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu,Benin,Bunia and as far as Yaounde Cameroon.

Helicopters are scarce and there are only available in ,1 ,3, 5 & 6 seater capacity the AS 350 B3/2,Enstrom,Bell 407 and Swizz er .We provide both cargo & passenger private charter flights have to South Sudan,Somalia,DR Congo, Chad, Darfur, Ethiopia, Elitrea, private helicopter
Djibouti,Cameroon,Central Africa Republic ,Eastern & Central Africa & African continent.

We have provided private charter flights to Tours & Travel Companies, International Organizations, NGOS, Government Ministries and Parastals among other private and individual firms. Some of these companies are Bun son Travel,Twiga Tours, Selective Safaris, Across Africa Safaris, Kenya Wildlife Trails,G4 Securicor Security Services, Electoral Commission of Kenya, Kenya National Examination Council,Solabec East Africa,FDS(World Bank) ,World Vision, Madukha Tours,Anshford Tours, Shades of Africa, Venture Africa Safaris,Micato Safaris, among others.

South Sudan we provide private charter cargo & passenger flights from Juba to various destinations ,Malakal, Pochalla ,Elobeid, Yambio, Yei, Nyal, Waat ,Bentiu ,Akobo, Marial, Mabio, Mundri,Bor,Wau,Rumbek and many others for cargo and passengers using Dash8-100 series 37 seater,cargo 3.5 tones,HS 748 50 seater,cargo 5 tones,C-208 Caravan 12 seater,cargo 1 tone,Donnier 228 17 seater,cargo 1.5 tones and the Freighter B737-300 16 tones to Juba

From this client portfolio it clearly indicates we are reliable and efficient and we have the capability and capacity to handle volume of work. We also are on 27/24 call ready to work out any logistics or quotation instantly irrespective of day and time.

Charter flights into National Parks

Kenyan Private Flights includes Private flights Maasai Mara,Private flights Samburu,private flights Shaba,private flights Amboseli,private flights Nanyuki,private flights Lake Nakuru,private flights Lake Baringo,private flights Lake Naivasha,private flights Meru,private flights Tsavo East,Private flights Tsavo West,private flights Kisumu,private flights Joys Camp,private flights Mara tanzania-serengetiSerena,private flights Mara Sarova,private flights Fairmont Mara Safari Club,private flights Governors Camp Maasai Mara,private flights Little Governors Maasai Mara,private flights Kichwa Tembo Camp Maasai Mara,private flights Bateleur Camp Maasai Mara,private flights Mpata Safari Club Maasai Mara,private flights Taita sarova to Lion Hills Sarova Lake Nakuru,private flights Keekorok lodge Maasai Mara,private flights Sweetwaters Nanyuki,private flights Olpejeta Laikipia,private flights Shaba Sarova Camp,private flights Tree Tops Nyeri,private flights Amboseli Serena,private flights Samburu Serena,private flights Salt Lick Sarova Tsavo,private flights Taita Hills Sarova Tsavo,private flights Loisaba to shompole,private flights Kipungani Voyager Lamu to Mara Intrepids,private flights Fairmont Mara safari club to Fairmont Mount Kenya safari club,private flights Mara Simba to Samburu Simba.

Tanzanian Flights include private flights Serengeti national park,private flights Sasakwa,private flights Ngorongoro Crater,private flights Seronera,private flights Lobo,private flights Ndutu,private flights Serengeti Sopa,private flights Ngorongoro Serena,private flights Zanzibar,private flights Lake Natron,private flights Lake Manyara,private flights Dar to Kigoma,private flights Dar to Dodoma,private flights Dar to Iringa,private flights Dar to Mafia island,private flights Dar to Pemba island,private flights Lake Albert,private flights River Nile,private flights Sipi Falls,private flights Murchison Falls,

Helicopter VIP flights Maasai Mara,Heliocpter VIP flights Amboseli,Helicopter VIP flights Mount Kenya,Helicopter VIP flights Chyullu Hills,Helicopter VIP flights Mara Serena,Helicopter VIP flights Taita Hills,Helicopter VIP flights Kilaguni Serena Tsavo, Helicopter VIP flights Keerokok Lodge Mara,Helicopter VIP flights Shompole,Helicopter VIP flights Oserian Conservancy Lake Naivasha,Helicopter VIP flights Solio Ranch Laikipia,Helicopter VIP flights Lewa Downs Conservancy,Helicopter flights Finch Hattons Tsavo West,Helicopter VIP flights Salt Lick Sarova Tsavo,Helicopter VIP flights Saruni Mara,Helicopter VIP Porini Mara

Direct Air Charter Flights Kenya National Parks
For this services we will require at least 10 working days notice to arrange for customs and immigration officers to facilitate the clearing and for those with block booking for a month or more a block clearance and a set of immigration and customs officer is provided on arrangement.

We operate direct charter flights from Masai Mara,Amboseli,Samburu,Tsavo,Nanyuki to Kilimanjaro,Mwanza,Daresaalam and Zanzibar airports in Tanzania.We organize and provide transport to immigrationnational parks charter and customs officers and their allowances who in-turn travel to the lodge,camp or hotel to facilitate clearance.The passenger still have to pay the airport departure tax of usd 30=00 per person and immigration officers will provide visas and stamp the passports.

We have provided this services to Selective Safaris,Micato Safaris and Twiga Tours and travel from Masai Mara to Musoma direct,Masai Mara to Kilimanjaro direct,Masai Mara to Zanzibar direct,Masai Mara to Mwanza direct and Masai Mara to Daresaalam direct.We provide Private air Taxi,Private Jet,VIP Jet flights,Scenic flights,Filming flights,aerial survey & Photography flights,air ambulance,emergency evacuation flights from Maasai Mara direct to any point of exit in Tanzania/Uganda thereafter y=to national parks,game reserves & private sanctuaries and into major cities in Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,Rwanda & Burundi .

We also provide VIP Jet flights,Private air taxi flights,private Helicopter flights,private Helicopter VIP flightsfrom Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo,Chyullu Hills, Aberdares, Meru, Shaba, Chaffa, Samburu,Nanyuki,Laikipia via Nairobi to Serengeti,Lake Manyara,Ngorongoro Crater,Seronera, Sasakwa,Grumeti, Lobo,Ndutu,Zanzibar,Kilimanjaro,Arusha

Air Charter Flights,Tanzania

Charter flights to Tanzania can be provided from any of the East Africa countries namely,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,Kenya within and out of Tanzania.We have extended our wings kilimanjarowithin East Africa and provide charter services in Tanzania into national parks & reserves and major cities as follows,Lake Manyara,Klein’s camp ,Serengeti, Seronera,Mt Kilimanjaro ,Sasakwa,Lobo,Kogate,Pemba Island,Mafia Island ,Kilimanjaro ,Mwanza, Musoma ,Kigoma, Musoma,Daresaalam,Tabora,Mbeya,Dodoma,Selous,Ruaha,Mahale,Zanzibar and many others towns and national parks & reserve.

Charter flights are available in Tanzania segmented in various categories namely,private charter flights,private executive jet charter flights,VIP executive business jet charter flights,air ambulance,emergency evacuation flights,scenic flights,sight seeing flights,filming flights,aerial survey & photography flights,helicopter flights,search &rescue flights,air cargo flights,tourists charter flights.Charter flights are charged based on the hours to be flown or miles against an hourly rate or cost per mile which depends on the capacity of aircraft or helicopter.Charter flights operate in and out of Tanzania, Tanzania to Kenya,Tanzania to DR Congo,Tanzania to South Sudan,Tanzania to Somalia,Tanzania to Rwanda,Tanzania to Burundi and within Africa.private turbo

The fleet include single engine,twin engine,turbo prop ,jets and helicopters namely Citation Bravo 550/560 7 seater jet,Beech craft 1900C/D 18 seater,Beech craft 200/350i 10 seater,Dash 8-100/200 37 seater,Cessna Caravan 12 seater,Let 410 18 seater,Twin otter 17 seater,Cessna 206 5 seater,IslanderB21 7 seater ATR 37 seater.

Air Charter Flights Uganda

In Uganda we have air charter flights from Soroti,Entebbe,Kampala,Gulu,Arua flying into national parks and reserves for gorilla safaris,filming safaris,tourists flights at Lake Albert,Fort Portal,Kabalega Falls,Ssese islands,Queen Elizabeth,Kidepo,Sipi Falls,Jinja,Murchison Falls,Paraa Lodge,Bwindi National park.Luxurious flights for V.I.P are also provided to major cities and into the national parks & reserves.

Air Cargo charter flights to South Sudan,DR Congo,Somalia and around Africa available using DC8-Freighter 36 tones at very competitive charter rates and for more information contact our operations for instant charter quotation free of charter 24 hours.The  rate will be usd 1.63 per kilo exclusive customs documentation and ground handling at destination. Special air cargo charter rates are available for those organization ready to commit 3 flights in a month to any of of the countries within Africa.

Charter flights are segmented into various category and travelers can choose from namely,private executive jet charter flights,VIP Executive business jet charter flights,helicopter air charter flights,air ambulance charter flights,scenic charter flights,sight seeing charter flights,filming charter flights,aerial survey & photography flights,emergency evacuation flights,search & rescue flights, and many other air charter flights.Air charter flights are charged on an hourly or cost per mile basis depending with the hours to be flown or mile and the aircraft or helicopter capacity.Charter flights are available from Uganda to Kenya,Uganda to Tanzania,Uganda to Rwanda, Uganda to Burundi,Uganda to DR Congo,Uganda to South Sudan,Uganda to Somalia for both cargo and passengers.

Our operations department is on 24/7 call ready to work out charter quotations for you irrespective of day and time instantly on cellphone +254722599185,+254734403235 feel free to cal us anytime for a charter quotation from” your reliable flying partner in Africa”
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