Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited “your flying reliable partner”in air transport in Kenya,based in Nairobi,Wilson airport,East Africa .Objectives that will enable it achieve its set goals.

To be the best air charter company in Kenya for private air taxi charter flights,private charter flights,scheduled passenger & cargo flights,air ambulance charter flights,filming air charter flights, helicopter-leasingVIP Executive jet charter flights,private executive jet charter flights,helicopter VIP charter flights,scenic air charter flights, aerial survey & photography charter flights,emergency evacuation charter flights,humanitarian air charter flights,relief supplies charter flights,private air cargo charter flights,tourists charter flights,aircraft & helicopter leasing,aviation consultancy in Pilot training and air transport services among many other aviation related activities.For us to be able to achieve this we will ensure the following is done,

(a)To we provide quality service, affordable fares with increased efficiency and reliability. To ensure our pilots are well trained to the international standards in line with the safety standards.
To modernize our fleet through branding to meet our customers perception and expectations. To maintain very high maintenance standards.
(b)To invest more in Information Technology, Customer Care, fleet expansion and training of personnel to meet the customers expectations and desired needs.

(c)To do proficiency checks and regular evaluation to our crew both locally and abroad to ensure we operate safely. All our pilots are IFR and VFR rated and they have flown for various international organizations in Africa continent in war torn areas.
(d) To research on our customers needs and wants and to ensure we provide them with the best services and products.
(e)To ensure we maintain high maintenance standards as per the manufacturers manual and the standard operating procedure set by our company through training of pilots and engineers to the latest aviation technology.

(f) To ensure regular checks and certificate of maintenance are carried out whichever earlier the days or hours specified in the certificate.Monitor the certificate of Insurance,crew licenses,crew duty time,crew fatigue and certificate of airworthiness validity and all other documentation related on flight safety.

Our top management should regularly attend aviation safety, licensing, regulations,management courses and seminars to ensure they are equipped with the required skills and knowledge to carry out their tasks professionally and diligently.

To ensure our customers are served to their satisfaction and quotation given timely and accurately based on their requests.

To resolve customers complains professionally and amicably as per our company operating policies and ICAO standards.

To give our customers as much information as possible including options for them to be able to choose from several options without compromising with quality and safety aspects.

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