private & Scheduled Flights South Sudan|Somalia

Private  Charters & Scheduled flights South Sudan are provided on lease rental,adhoc charters or on contractual basis.We have aircraft ranging from C-208B caravan 12 seats,Super King Air 200  10 seats  in normal and VIP configuration,Embraer 120 30 seats plus crew 33 ,B1900 C/D in VIP and normal seating 19 seats with 2 crew,Let 410 UVP E9-20  19 seats with 2 crew,Dash 8-100/200/300/400 ,B737-200 Combi,DC 8 Freighter 40 tons,F-50 combi for 50 seats and 5.5 tons.We are flexible and can provide aircraft based on your need and budget.Wet lease rental for Caravan 208B ranges from  usd 900=00 per block hour ACMI  and usd 1,350=00 per mile full charter  rate per hour,Whereas Embraer 120 ranges from 1450 per block hour for 80 hours guaranteed per month for a period not less than 3 month.


We can base aircraft anywhere in South Sudan provided the charter provides security,accommodation,meals,ground transport and fuel .We can provide Wet lease on flexible terms if the contract is for over one year.We can operate from Juba, Rumbek, Aweil, Yambio, Akon,Wau,Palouch,Yei,Akobo,Bentiu,Ponchalla provided security is guaranteed but we prefer Juba international airport or Rumbek due to security reasons.Private air charter flights can be arranged with an aircraft based in Juba International airport or Lokichogio and not from Entebbe,Nairobi which will be expensive.Air Cargo & freight flights operated on identified dates out of Juba International airports to Yei,Yambio,Bentiu,Palouch,Wau,Rumbek.

Private Executive Jet charter flights,Air Ambulance flights,VIP Business charter flights  from Jomo Kenyatta, Durban, Harare, Khartoum, Djibouti,Lusaka,Lagos,Tripoli,Bamako,Dares Salaam,Kilimanjaro,Zanzibar,Abu Dhabi into Somali can be on adhoc charter,contractual or on wet lease rental.These flights operated by Embraer 120,Citation Excel Bravo jet,Citation Bravo 550,Super King Air 200/350i,Citation Bravo 650.

We can position aircraft in Either Puttland or somali land  for air cargo flights,passenger scheduled flights on wet lease  provided we agree on terms and conditions.We can provide adhoc air charters within Somali  or Putland with any aircraft of you need.We can fly from Mogadishu to Adado,Guriel,Dinsor,Wajid,Baidoa,Berdera,Galgayo.From Putland from Hargesia to Bosaso, Garowe, Kismayu, Asmara,Adado,Modagishu international or private charters or scheduled passsenger flights.Private jet charter flights ,VIP Business jet charter flights are ideal for clients whose scheduled cant meet commercial flights scheduled or where we have no commercial flights.

Private Executive VIP Business charter flights from Entebbe, Kigali,Bujumbura,Kinshasa,Juba,Djibouti,Addis Ababa,Abu Dhabi to Bosaso,Galgayo,Garowe,Hargesia using Citation Excel Bravo jet  8 seats in VIP ,Citation Bravo 550 7 seats in VIP,CItation Bravo 650,Super King Air 200/350i.Private jet charter flights comes with a premium and the aircraft is weather equipped and the crew are trained at Flight Safety International and have over 6,000 flying hours experience and with over 2,000 hours on jet engine aircraft.

VIP Executive VIP jet charter flights from Abu Dhabi, Khartoum, Juba,Jomo Kenyatta,Wilson ,Dares Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Entebbe, Kigali,Bujumbura,Lusaka,Lagos,Bamako  into Mogadishu, Baidoa, Berbera,Galgayo,Bosaso can be on adhoc air charters, Contract or wet lease depending with you schedule.The wet lease is the most cheapest way if you are able to fly more than 50 hours per month and you will get special lease hire rate on adhoc charter or Acmi rate.

our fleetDue to emergencies in humanitarian and relief supplies services  we operate on 24/7 to be able to meet our clients needs and you can call on +254775532509 or +254722599185 anytime any day and you will be given instant quotation. Do not worry it is after work,it is a holiday or it is at night call wings Over Africa Aviation Limited “Your Reliable Flying Partner”

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