Air cargo & freight flights are segmented into three categories,


Private air cargo & freight  flights

Below is Let 410 which is a work horse with short takeoff and landing performance convertible into  pax and cargo it is reliable into tidy airstrips and remote areas.


Air cargo & freight flights are segmented into three categories,This where you rent the entire aircraft  and pay for return flight irrespective if you can the capacity or not.It is charged from departure airport to destination airport back to departure airport.This can also be hired on wet lease,dry lease based on the volumes.

On wet lease you hire the aircraft on ACMI rate that is ( Aircraft,Crew Maintenance and Hull Insurance) and it excludes  fuel,landing,crew meals and accommodation,ground transport, parking,clearances,crew air tickets for crew change,crew per Diem per day per crew.

You guarantee for minimum hours which you have to pay whether you utilize them or not but when you exceed the ACMI rate per block hour drops. For wet lease the Lessee to pay for third party passenger liability insurance and to add Lessor or Owner as the additional insured.

Dry lease is when you hire aircraft on AI ( Aircraft and Hull insurance) you cater for crew salaries, maintenance, accommodation and meals,fuel,landing,parking,navigation and all operating licenses AOC and ASL in the country of operations. This is tedious as a through audit has to be done on the company based on experience and the crew to be trained by the aircraft owner or supplier to his/her satisfaction before given command.It is like partially owning the aircraft and  the third party passenger liability to be taken by the Lessee but the Lessor to be included as additional beneficiary.

Consolidated air cargo & freight flights

This is B1900 which cruises at 25,000 feet above sea level with pressurized cabin turbo prop twin engine.It can carry up to 2 tons and has 5 hours and 30 fuel endurance.


This is like scheduled flights  put operated on consolidation by taking cargo and freight from different individuals,organizations to fill up the aircraft and the flight might not take off should meet capacity.This charged on per kilo basis only from departure airport to destination not like private air cargo flights.

If  an organization or individual has the full capacity he/she can hire the entire aircraft charged on per kilo basis but subject to availability of aircraft.We have consolidated cargo & freight flights from Entebbe airport to Juba, Khartoum, Kinshasa, Kigali, Rumbek, Yei,Malakal,Dares Salaam,Abu Dhabi and rest of Africa.These flights can operate on certain days in a week and not daily and if you have full load  then a private flight can be organized outside the scheduled timetable.

Scheduled  air cargo & freight flights

This is DHC-6 Twin otter ideal for humanitarian aid and relief supplies flights in war torn areas.It  is convertible into cargo 2 tons and passenger 18 which short take off and landing performance.


This are daily,weekly guaranteed flights charged on per kilo basis.Scheduled cargo flights Departs from Jomo Kenyatta international airport to Entebbe, Dares Salaam ,Mwanza, Zanzibar, Bujumbura, Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Brazaville, Lusaka,Juba,Khartoum,Addis Ababa, Pemba, Blantyre ,Durban, Mumbai, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Tripoli, Lagos, Bamako, Bangui,Djiouti and many other airports within the world.

We have international air cargo flights  from United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates,United States of America,Asian into Jomo Kenyatta International airport too connect regional and domestic flights.

We have regional air cargo & freight cargo flights from Nairobi to Mogadishu,  Galgayo, Kismayu, Berbera, Baidoa, Wajid, Juba, Rumbek,Port Sudan, Bangui, Lagos, Bamako, Johannesburg and to Middle East. Air Cargo flights arrive  at Dares Salaam international airport from United Kingdom,United Arab Emirates,United States of America to connect local domestic scheduled cargo flights within Tanzania.

In Uganda we have international air cargo flights arriving on Emirates,Air Arabia,Fly Dubai,KLM,Air France,British Airways ,Qatar Airways  connecting regional flights within African Continent.

Jomo Kenyatta international Airport is the Hub for all regional and domestic air cargo flights connecting to different airports in Africa e.g.Khartoum,Mogadishu,Djibouti,Bangui,Kinshasa,Lubumbashi,Goma,Kigali,Bujumbura,Lusaka,Pemba,Blantyre among many other airports.

Cargo  rates on per kilo  basis  on scheduled and consolidation,

Nairobi- Mogadishu   Fridays and Sundays  USD 2.0 Per kg

Nairobi-Hargesia  Friday and Sundays        USD  2.6  per Kg

Nairobi-Juba         Monday,Wednesday      USD   2.3 per kg

Nairobi-Kinshasa                                            USD    4.2  per  kg

Nairobi to Seychelles                                    USD     3.1  per kg


Confirmation subject to availability of space and if urgent you  can take a private charter we have B727-200 Freighter 25 tons,Fokker 50 Freighter   5.5 tons, Super King Air 200  for 1.1 Tons,DC-9  Freighter  13 tons at very affordable rates on short or long term basis and special charter rates available for those organizations who can commit a number of flights in a month for a period not less than 2 month.


You can make inquiries  online ,by telephone and you will be given the airfreight prices instantly.


Domestic  charter & scheduled  flights  Somalia

We have aircraft ranging from 1 to 50 seats based in Mogadishu international airport  for scheduled  and charter flights within Somalia.

Domestic  charter flights  from Mogadishu international  airport to the following destinations,

Galgayo   19 seats OR 1.7 TONS CARGO     USD 11,000=00

Galgayo  12 seats    OR 1 TON CARGO        USD 7,000=00

Kismayu  19 seats   OR 1.7 TONS CARGO  USD 8,000=00

Kismayu  12 seats   OR 1 TON CARGO        USD 5,200=00

Hargesia   19 seats OR 1,7 TONS CARGO  USD 15,000=00

Hargesia  12 seats  OR 1 TON CARGO         USD  9,500=00

Djibouti 19 seats   OR 1.7 TONS CARGO   USD 19,000=00

Djibouti  12 seats  OR  1 TON CARGO      USD 13,000=00

Bosaso  19 seats OR 1.7 TONS CARGO     USD 20,000=00

Bosaso 12 seats OR 1 TON CARGO           USD 13,000=00

Belletuen  19 seats OR  1.7 TONS              USD  7,000=00

Belletuen  12 seats OR 1 TON CARGO     USD 4,000=00

These are just afew examples but should you have a destination that we have not quoted on please contact us.The above prices based on one-way return will be double and excludes customs documentations and ground handling.

We also operate domestic scheduled flights for cargo and passengers to various destinations in Somalia from Mogadishu International airport.

Call our emergency lines for quotations and inquiry anytime irrespective of day and time +254775532509,+254734403235,  Whatsup:+254722599185 for instant response.

Wet Lease  AC MI  Aircraft

we have  various aircraft on wet lease ACMI rate namely Jetstream9 FOR 29 seats,Caravan 208  for 12 seats or 1 ton cargo,F-27-500-MK Freighter  5.5 tons,Super King Air 200 for 10 pax or 1.3 tons cargo,Let 410 UVP E9/20 for 19 pax or 1.7 tons cargo,B727-200 Freighter  25 tons  on private charter or wet lease ACMI.We require minimum guaranteed hours 50 per month for a period not less than 3 month and we provide very competitive lease hire prices.

We also  arrange for lease purchase whereby you pay 30% deposit and balance in a period from 2 years to 5 years  based on your financial capability  with affordable monthly lease rental repayment and thereafter you own the aircraft.

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