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Our Company Portfolio We have a portfolio of individual, corporate both locally,regionally and international who we have provided our services to and you can request reference from them if you require.Since inception we have acquired contracts with tour operators, travel agent,government agencies,international firms ,individuals and corporate companies,government agencies due to our capability and professionalism.


Former Electoral Commission of Kenya

We did an analysis with the former Electoral Commission of Kenya now Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission and we emerged to be the best and worn the tender which we provided private charter flights for boundaries review within
cargo_freight Kenya especially to remote areas of Kenya.We provided them with private charter flights to Northern Kenya and North Eastern covering, Marsabit,Moyale,North Horr, Laisamis,I lerret, Merti, Garissa,Modogashe,Garsen,Hola,Ijara,Elwak,Garbatulla,Banisa,Rhamu,Moyale,Lodwar,Lokichar,Lokitaung,Lokichogio using piston and turbo prop aircraft.

We used to carry commissioners including the Chairman/Vice and the Chief Executive officer using A super King air pressurized,Let 410 Unpressurized,Cessna Caravan 208,PA-34 Seneca 2,Baron 55/58to visit different parts of Northern and North Eastern Kenya for the boundary review mission.These are sensitive projects and we submitted our bid and we were awarded 6 month which we completed successful .

We did an analysis for Kenya National Examination Council secured a contract for airlifting the examinations to Northern and North Eastern Kenya for one year.So the next year we did not put the bid as the council did not explain why we were awarded the contract and we never flew.
Non-Govermental Organasations


We provided cash in transit for former Security Security services now G4S Security to remote  areas,Mandera, Wajir, Hola, Bura, Marsabit ,Moyale,Lodwar,Garissa,Elwak,Lamu using C-172/182 and C-206.It was tasking and we did it for three month and we were informed at short notice to organize for an aircraft which we never let them down we used to have a pilot and aircraft on stand-by for them.

We did private charter flights using C-172 AND c-206 single engine aircraft for Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) to Northern and North Eastern Kenya for 2 years flying their personnel for the evaluation of the projects.

We provided private charter flights to Msf Belgium Somalia,Msf France Somalia,Cesvi using Let 410,F-27-500 for relief and humanitarian charter flights and individual freight and cargo to DR Congo,Somalia,South Sudan,Lokichogio,Rumbek,Juba,Mogadishu.

Individual Private charter

We flew Mr Chahine Fazel from Ukunda to Kichwa Tembo in Masai Mara using Super King air with his family VIP Configured on return trip”> telephone +33612587171.

We flew Mr Floor Bleeker in C-172 with his wife from Nairobi to Ngerende Fairmont Mara Safari”>

Steven Loftus private charter on C-172 Nairobi to Mombasa back email”> tel +8613816809819.
Daniel Stump private charter flights Olseki to Jomo Kenyatta in C-172 TEL +33616431117,+870764686853”> ,Qusai Al-Shatii email
cameraWe did a scenic flight over Mt Kilimanjaro,Ndutu,Serengeti plains,Olduvai Gorge using Cessna 208 for Alon Amit email”>
We flew Bianka Krohn Mombasa to Masai Mara email”>

We flew Derek Smyth by private charter C-172 Nairobi to Mombasa email”>

Corporate Firms VIP

We flew for Twiga Tours Kenya 7 OUB Bank directors from Dar to Lake Manyara ,Lake Manyara to Sasakwa,Sasakwa to Dar using Cessna 406 IN VIP configuration .And also during the post violence election in Kenya 2008 January using B1900 C we flew their VIP from Jomo Kenyatta to Kilimanjaro at mid night email”> .

Private charter flights using Baron and PA-34 for World Vision International Kenya emergency evacuation flights ,ferrying of their personnel withing flight operationsKenya to where they have projects.Henry Cook son Adventures private charter flights Zanzibar to Jomo Kenya 8 people using Cessna Caravan 208 email”>,”> tel +447527754466.

We flew Bernard Muller and family from Nairobi to Joys Camp Shaba,then from Joys Camp to Kilimanjaro using C-172 email charter from Kigali to Dodoma,Dodoma to Dar for Jennifer Landgrat clients using Cessna 206 email

In August 2012 we had a group of 3 people from Hirondelle in Italy flew then from Nairobi to Amboseli,Amboseli to Mt Kenya,Mt Kenya to Tsavo,Tsavo to Maasai Mara,Maasai Mara to Kilimanjaro direct as we organized for immigration and customs officers who cleared them at the hotel in Masaai Mara,Kilimanjaro to Sasakwa,Sasakwa scenic Lake Natron to Ngorongoro crater,Ngorongoro Crater to Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro to Nairobi using Cessna 206 5 seater VIP configured”> tel +390422296790.


Private charter for Karana safaris South Africa Chairman with family from Kilimanjaro international airport to Jomo Kenyatta”>

Private charter flight Malindi to Nanyuki and Nanyuki to Nairobi using Cessna 206 5 seater.

Private charter Nairobi to Lake Nakuru to and from using Cessna 172 3 seater”>

We have provided private charter flights for Twiga Tours on Let 410 airlifting their tourists from Kichwa Tembo direct to Musoma it Tanzania as we have the permits to do direct flights from Kenya national parks to point of entry in Tanzania and Uganda.All we need is to give a a request letter to Immigration and customs for them to allocate the officers who will facilitate the clearing at the national parks and pay their allowance transport to and from Email”> contact person Mina z.

We have airlifted Selective safaris tours tourists from Mara Serena to Kilimanjaro international airport direct using C206 ,5 seats with pilot email”> Contact person Kate.

We have done direct flights from Masai Mara to Musoma and Kilimanjaro respective using Baron 55/58,PA-34 11,C-402,Cessna Caravan 208,Let 410 private flights and VIP email”> contact person Felix Pinto.

For Kenya Wildlife Trails private_charterwe did private charters using Cessna 208 Caravan,Baron 55 and C-206 to Watamu,Watamu to Masai Mara,Nairobi to Masai Mara,Nairobi tAmboseli email”> contact Person Peirera.

We have done private charter flights for Bunson travel using C-402,C-206,C-172182 into national parks ,game reserves and private sanctuaries email”>
This portfolio is a clear indication that we have a reputation and for reference you can contact them.We have provided both VIP executive flights, scenic flights, filming flights,aerial survey & photography flights,private air taxi,tourists scheduled flights,tourists private charter flights,air safaris and many other aviation related activities.

We have done aviation consultancy for organizations for Air Service License application and representation.Preparation of Air Operators Certificate and cadet pilots to South Africa for their pilot training.We ave a team of professionals in all fields of aviation that is general aviation,aviation consultancy,aviation management,aircraft & helicopter leasing among many other aviation related fields.

We have emergency mobile lines  +254775532509, +254734403235 or Whatsup +254722599185 for instant flight inquiries,qoutations and bookings.

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