VIP Executive Premier Jet flights East Africa

VIP Executive Business Jet Charter Flights Kenya

VIP Executive Business Jet Charter flights are offered all over Kenya,East Africa,Africa,Middle East using aircraft with pressurized cabin.These jets flies at 25,000 feet above sea level  and operated by 2 pilots and weather fully equipped with satellite tracking.VIP services are provided  like using VIP lounge especially for government dignitaries,diplomatic dignitaries, United Nations official,African Unions officials and a request has to be made to Kenya Airports Authorities in Advance.In Kenya  air operators provide private jet charter flights using turbo prop single and twin engine,rotorcraft  and jet engines.Private jet flights only depart and land in well services airfields due to their high performance. When you are in need of a private jet charter flight first inquire from the air operator as you might be disappointed that the jet cant land on that airfield.The alternative private jet charter flight is to using helicopter which only needs open and clear place to land it is configured into VIP from 1 to 6 people excluding pilot.In Most cases  the normal aircraft  is converted to V.I.P configuration for example the Super King-air 200 from 10 seater to 5 seater,Beech craft 1900D/C from 18 seater to 10 seater thus creating more leg room and comfort to include,l lavatory, DVD,VIDEO and put refreshments as per the clients request.We have the Citation Bravo Jet 7 seater which was built in state of art including a conference table and also built in an air ambulance state.For Business executives who have branches all over Kenya and especially where they are no commercial flights or with commercial flights which does not match their requirements take the V.I.P Executive Flights and using the B200 Super King-air,B1900 D/C and are able to accomplish their business within hours.This is a service that is differentiated from the normal by ensuring extras are put on the flight.We have private jet flights Kenya,private jet flights Uganda, private jet flights Rwanda, private jet flights Burundi,private jet flights DR Congo,private jet flights South Sudan,private jet flights Somalia,private jet flights Sudan and globally using jet engine aircraft.We provide  private jet flights to Masai mara,serengeti,Queen Elizabeth,Lake Albert, Kilanguni, Amboseli, Mt Kenya, Nanyuki, Laikipia, Tangarire, Sasakwa, Seronera, Kilimanjaro,Zanzibar,Murchison falla,Kihihi, Kisoro,Bwindi, Dar,Jinja,Arua, Mbeya,Iringa,  Kigali,Bujumbura, Mogadishu, Khartoum, Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bunia, Bukavu and to all major cities in Africa and Globally.This Citation jet provides V.I.P Executive Business Flights around Africa and Worldwide and an example of a direct flight one-way Nairobi-Johannesburg (South Africa) and it has an endurance of  7 hours and 30 minutes at it cruises at 420 knots per hour and Nairobi -Frankfurt with one stop over for fuel 4 hours.Our client of portfolio includes Electoral Commission of Kenya when we flew the Vice-Chairman in 2006 for the boundary review in North Eastern Kenya in Super king air converted into 7 seater V.I.P configuration.

Luxury  Executive Business Jet Charter Flights  Tanzania

In Tanzania we provide VIP Executive Business Jet charter flights from major airports to/from  Daresaalam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar,  Mwanza,Arusha to national parks and game reserves.We have provided VIP Executive Business Jet  Charter Flights to international Organizations like UOB  Bank  Directors from Daresaalam to Sasakwa,Lake Manyara using C-406 Caravan 2 .

These services are differentiated in away that you are treated as Very Important People in check-in having not to hassle or congested airports queuing for immigration clearance,customs but you are shown where to sit as everything is being processed including  both your inbound and outbound immigration cards are filled in for you.

Business Executive charter flight  services within Tanzania and Africa,Eastern & Central Africa to major cities.VIP Executive premier charter flights operates into/out of the major cities in  African airports  namely ,Lubumbashi, Kisangani, Goma, Bunia, Johannesburg,Maputo,Khartoum,Comoros ,Lusaka, Arua, Gulu, Mombasa,Nairobi,Entebbe,Kinshasha,Kigali,Bujumbura,Juba,,Harare,,Djibouti,Cairo,Tripoli, many others.Quotation are free and given instantly and for flights within Tanzania it will take two hours to prepare the flight but to cross -border at least 2 working days to obtain landing permission.

Aircraft  range from  1 to 50 seater in VIP configuration with a pressurized cabin flying at  42,000 feet above see level with 3 crew members Captain,Co-pilot  and flight attendant  who have been trained at Flight Safety International and  vast experience having worked in Kenya Air force,Kenya Airways,British Airways  and in general aviation  thus having the confidence of having asafe flight.

Luxury  Executive Business Jet Charter Flights Uganda

Uganda is situated within East Africa region neighboring Kenya, Tanzania,Burundi & Rwanda forming East Africa Community with its headquarters in Arusha,Tanzania.The capital city of Uganda is Kampala and its international Airport is Entebbe.private_flightAir charter services are provided to national parks ,game reserves and major cities within Uganda and the African continent.Among air charter services provided in Uganda are private air charter flights,private air taxi flights, private VIP charter jet flights, private jet charter flights, private air ambulance charter flights, private scenic charter flights,private emergency  air charter flights,private air cargo flights ,private tourists flights,private aerial survey & photography flights,private filming flights,private air charter flights.Actually even the normal aircraft can be configured to V.I.P the 3 seater to one seater,5 seater to 2 seater,12 seater to 5 seater as all is needed luxurious,room for relaxation and comfort whereby you can stretch you legs the way you want.These services are provided to all major cities in Africa and Worldwide.These services are ideal for Head of Organizations like Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations, United Nations ,Government Officials ,business executives,diplomatic heads who have a tidy scheduled that does not match the commercial flights or who needs privacy and may be hold meetings with his senior managers in flight to cut down on time.

VIP Executive premier jet charter flights Uganda services include Citation Bravo 550 jet  7 seater,Citation Bravo Excel 560 jet 8 seater,B1900 D  12 seater,Super King Air 200/350i  8 seater  for hire.we recommend you make an advance booking as these aircraft are on high demand.

Luxury Executive Business Jet Charter Flights Somalia & South Sudan

These two countries have similarities in terms of Social,Political and economic as they have been in civil war and we have internally displaced people who need humanitarian aid & relief food. International community,Africa Union,United Nations have and trying to ensure peace is achieved in these countries through negotiation by the warring groups by bringing them on a round table.So private jet charter flights are used by governments, European Union,United Nationals,NGOs heads,heads of international organization who are a tour to evaluate their projects in these countries.These heads needs privacy and due to their time constraints private jet charter flights will be their preferred way to travel as they can hold meeting in the air and reduce on ground time and also be able to fly at day and night as these aircraft are weather equipped and certified by FAA to fly at night and the pilots are well trained at Flight Safety International and they have over 5,000 flying hours on jet aircraft.VIP Executive jet charter flights operate to Mogadishu International, ,Galgayo, Belletuen, Garowe, Bosaso, Hargesia, Kismayu, Asmara, Berbera, Berdera, Baidoa and many others. To Juba which is the capital city of South Sudan VIP Executive business jet charter flights can be operated direct from country of origin or via Juba which is the international airport for South Sudan to, Wau, Aweil, Yei, Malakal, Bentiu, Ponchalla,Haat,Padak just to mention afew.This has succeeded in South Sudan after long negotiation and a peace agreement was signed in 2005 in Kenya,Naivasha and this brought to an end the 21 years civil war and efforts are being put to try and do the same in Somalia.Air transport has played a vital role in ensuring the people of these two countries get humanitarian aid and relief food by hiring air cargo flights to deliver food and WFP,UNICEF,World Vision, Oxfam UK,Oxfam Quebec,MSF Holland Somalia,MSF Belgium, MSF France, ICRC,IFRC and many others have and are still hiring charter flights to these two countries to deliver food and humanitarian aid.Likewise the donors and head of organizations would want to inspect the projects and ensure the humanitarian aid and relief food donated do reach the people,so they therefore charter private executive jet charter flights to be able to take them at the planned time and day  with VIP service and treatment in flight and these now brings in the services of VIP Configured aircraft with pressurized cabin,refreshments on board with a flight attendant, spacious cabin with enough leg room and internet service,High Frequency radios and satellite phone to be able to communicate and in-case of insecurity to divert the aircraft.For any of your charter flights requirement we do provide segmented service as follows,Tourists charter flights,Air Ambulance, Emergency Evacuation Flights,Search & Rescue charter flights ,Medical Evacuation charter flights,Private air charter flights, Corporate executive charter flights,scheduled air flights,air cargo& freight charter & scheduled flights and many other aviation related services and for more information visit our website or email us.

Aircraft are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer manual  and with engineers who are licensed  with civil aviation authority global  and they undergo retraining every year to be able to  meet the advanced technological knowledge  of aircraft maintenance.The pilots have over 2,500 flying experience on jet aircraft which is a mandatory required  for one to be able to fly the VIP aircraft.

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