We provide dry lease under very strict conditions as this is whereby the aircraft is leased on AMI (Aircraft, Maintenance and hull Insurance) and due to the safety aspects and the standard operating procedures which is based on an individual operation culture and norm.

For dry lease the Lessee will have to accept that the Lessor provides a crew who will act as a safety crew until the time that he/she will be satisfied that the Lessees crew is qualified and capable of flying the aircraft or helicopter.

The Lessees crew will have to undergo some training with the Lessor for proficiency check to ensure he /she has the experienced and qualified to operate that aircraft or helicopter.aircraft and-leasingThe simulator training for aircraft over 10,000 lbs is a must to both Captains and Co-pilots which is organized to ensure the crew are well trained as per the set international training standards.

We also do lease management to organization that needs aviation experts to be able to operate safe,efficient,cost effect and reliable by providing consultancy services in Management, cash flow projections,business plans,securing AOC and ASL , engineering, training of management and crew personnel.We have partnership with aircraft manufacturers,brokers,operators globally for all kinds of aircraft and helicopters for dry lease.

Dry lease is where the Lessee is responsible of fuel, landing, navigation, crew accommodation, laundry and meals based on ICAO standards, transport to and from the hotel, crew license validation, crew work permit, all landing and over flight permits and any other requirements that are set by Civil Aviation Authority of the country of operations.On this lease the government or customs taxes in the country of operation is not included in the lease and this will be the responsibility of the Lessee as well as the thirty party passenger liability insurance and any extra war risk insurance if the aircraft will be operating in a war torn area.The safety crew remuneration, per Diem, accommodation, meals, laundry, work permit, license validation and salary during the period of training will be catered for by the Lessee.

Terms and condition are set for the Lessors and Lessees obligations, terms of payment, terms for termination of lease,laws governing the contract, force majeure which once it has been agreed upon by both parties then the final lease agreement will be signed by both parties before commencement of the operations.A deposit for one month and bank guarantee of the minimum guaranteed hours,positioning and repositioning fees and crew per Diem , will have to be paid either by wire transfer or cheque but the operations will only commence once the funds are cleared on our account.The Lessor will deliver the aircraft to the base airport on the date agreed upon in the contract unless otherwise the Lessee fails to meet his/her obligations as set in the lease contract.

We lease aircraft and helicopter for private cargo charter flights, scheduled passenger &cargo flights, scheduled cargo freight flights, air ambulance flights, humanitarian aid charter flights, scenic charter flights, aerial survey & photography flights, search & rescue flights, private air charter flights,VIP Executive jet charter flights, emergency evacuation flights,filming charter flights, tourists charter flights,private air taxi charter flights,private jet charter flights,helicopter charter flights on dry or wet lease basis.The lease can be on short or long term based on the nature of the project.Aircraft for lease include piston single and twin engine,turbo prop single and twin engine and jets.The rotocraft we have the Euro copter AS 350 B2/3,Bell 407,Enstrom which are only on the capacity of 1 to 6 passengers without crew.We have operations within Kenya and we have spread our wings to Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda,Somalia,DR Congo,Burundi,South Sudan,Sudan and within the African continent.


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