Leading Pilot Training and Placement Consultancy in Kenya

Pilot Training and Placement Consultancy in Kenya

Besides being an air charter service powerhouse, Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited is a leading aviation training and placement consultancy based out of Kenya, East Africa. Through our local, regional, and international partnerships and collaborations, we specialize in providing comprehensive consultancy on fixed-wing and helicopter pilot training courses.

With us, you can look forward to joining a reputable flight training program in a privileged institution. All aspects of the training program, including the syllabus, are carefully planned and adhere to the highest academic and industry standards.

As responsible pilot training and aviation management consultants, we advise you on the duration, syllabus, cost, and other important aspects of your flight training programs. In fact, we take a step further — to bring accountability into the picture, we ensure that the training school commits on the agreed-upon duration and the cost by entering into a contract before commencement of the training.

Train Locally or Internationally — Your Choice

With Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited, the student has the flexibility to pursue his/her training course in a locally-situated aviation school or an international institution. Regardless of the choice you make, we will ensure the cost remains competitive and affordable.

Complete Placement Assistance

Post course completion, we will provide complete job/placement assistance.

Consultation and Guidance Throughout Training Period & Beyond

We assume management and consultation responsibility for the entire duration of the training period. Starting from Visa application to facilitating payment for the course, you will find us assisting you at each and every juncture.

We will also manage and monitor the student’s progress on a weekly basis and liaise with the parent/guardian. After the training period, and in exchange for a standard consulting fee, we will also guide and assist the student in the license conversion process and with other formalities mandated by the aviation authority.

Eligibility Criteria for training as a Pilot

Educational Qualification

One should have passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with a mean grade of C+ and above, C+ in Maths, C+ in English, and C+ in any of the science subjects, and C+ in Geography, or a degree in any field.

Age Criteria

To pursue a pilot training course, you need to be 17 years or above.

Your Path to Becoming a Professional Pilot

Student Pilot License

In order to pursue a pilot training course, you must first obtain a student pilot license (SPL). For this, you will be required to undergo an aptitude test followed by a medical check-up.

Aptitude Test

The aptitude test will test your knowledge in English, Mathematics, and General studies subjects, and assess your aptitude for flying in three flying lessons.

Medical Examination

Once you are through the aptitude test, you will be subjected to a thorough medical examination by a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) approved doctor to ascertain medical fitness for the course.

Post the aptitude test and the medical examination, you’ll be eligible to apply for the student pilot license (SPL). Once you obtain your SPL, you will be covered by insurance and can start training for the private pilot license (PPL).

Private Pilot License (PPL)

The private pilot training course takes minimum six months to complete. The training program combines both theory (5 papers) and flight training (40 hours). At the end of the course, the student will appear for a General Flight Test (GFT) conducted by a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) approved examiner. Once the student graduates with Private Pilot License, he/she becomes eligible for the Commercial Pilot License (CML) Training.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training course can last for 8-12 months. Like Private Pilot License training, the Commercial Pilot License training program combines ground lessons (11 Theory Papers) with flight training. The theory for CPL is much more in-depth than PPL, and the flight training more rigorous. For a student to get the commercial pilot license, he/she must have flown 160 hours and appear in a General Flight Test (GFT) conducted by a KCAA approved examiner.

Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Training (IR/ME)

In this stage of pilot training, you will fly a twin-engine aircraft using instruments. It takes about a month and involves at least 25 hours instrument flying and 20 hours simulator flying. You will also appear for a type rating examination for the aircraft you will fly on.

Course Duration Cost
Private Pilots License 6 Months KSh 800,000=00
Commercial Pilots License 8 Months - 1 Year KSh 2,600,000=00
IR/ME 1 Month KSh 1,300,000=00

Note: There are fewer inquiries for Helicopter pilot training, but it could be arranged. Helicopter pilot training costs KSh 6,000,000 (approximately), for both theory and flying lessons. Contact us for more details.

Payment Flexibility — Top up as You Fly

Deposit for Private Pilot License before enrolment is KSh 360,000, for Commercial Pilot License KSh 700,000, and for IR/ME, it is KSh 650,000. However, with our consultancy, you need not pay the full fee at one shot, but top up as you fly. We can arrange your fee payments based on your budget.

For more course-related details, call us at (+254) 202218486.  

Aviation Training Collaborations

We’ve collaborations with some of the best flying schools in United States of America, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. These collaborations allow us to facilitate those who wish to pursue their pilot training courses abroad.

In South Africa, we work with prestigious pilot training schools like 43 Air School, Flight Training College, and Progress flight Academy. In the United States of America, we work with Phoenix East Aviation and Flight  School Flying Academy. In Canada, we work with Canadian Flight Academy and Canadian Flight Centre.

We assist you with your Visa applications and help you with accommodation and food arrangements.

It’s because of our collaborations and outstanding pilot training consulting record that students from across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and beyond trust us to advise, consult and guide them in their endeavors to become successful pilots.

If you are interested in following a pilot training course and need help, do contact us.

Our Other Services

Career Consultancy in Aviation Management

Besides facilitating private and commercial pilot training courses, we also act us career consultants in aviation management courses, viz. operations officer, safety officer, security officer, cargo operations, flights dispatch, quality assurance, reservations & sales, aircraft engineering, and other civil aviation management courses including cabin crew.

Air Charter Consultancy

We lend our expertise as specialist aviation consultants to air charter companies on civil aviation guidelines and procedures. We help them with air operator’s certificate, air service license, preparation of general operational manuals, company exposition, training manuals, hiring and interviewing of the required staff, and more.

Aircraft Procurement on Dry and Wet Leasing

We provide consultancy to organizations that require leasing of jets and helicopters on a short and long-term basis on a dry or wet lease. We can help you with jets and helicopters for both passengers and cargo in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, DR Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Eastern & Central Africa, and beyond.

Ground Management Consulting

We also provide consultancy in ground handling at various airports in Africa including catering services, aircraft cleaning interior and exterior, GPU maintenance, towing, cargo services, customs documentation, warehouse, clearing and forwarding of freight and cargo, airport transfers to and from hotels, budget and luxury car rentals.

Note: We also provide awareness talks in schools regarding careers in aviation management.

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