Air ambulance is a very essential  for travellers who are on holiday,business trip,leisure away from  specialized medical facilities.It is paramount travellers take air travel insurance  as in emergency cases you need not to worry but inform your insurance company who will contact an air ambulance provider for your evacuation.It is important to note  when on holiday,business trip or leisure and there is change in the itinerary you inform the insurer as if anything happens outside the geographical coverage in the insurance  then the insurer will not be responsibility.

The aircraft utilized for air ambulance are Citation Bravo 550/560 jet and Beechcraft 1900C/D,Beechcraft 200/350i and Dash as they have pressurized cabin and are durable,reliable,efficient and effective.These air craft are certified to fly at night they have satellite tracking ,TCAS,toilet and in-flight services.Cessna_citation_

We have doctors and nurses who are still in practice who are aware of the current ICU procedures and there is always pilots, doctors, nurses, operations and engineers on standby 24/7 hours ready to prepare and execute an air ambulance anywhere in the world. We have the Citation Jet Bravo, Super King-air, and B1900C on dry lease, wet lease and adhoc charters for United Nations,NGOs,European Union,International organizations and governments have contingency  plans should an emergency occur that is a war broke out or a state of emergency is declared  they have contracted  air charter companies for emergency evacuation air flights for airlifting their personnel to safe destinations.This  concept  of air ambulance flights has made the aviation industry be seen as live saver as it provide in-flight medical facilities like, reclining stretcher, mechanical ventilator, cardiac monitor, infusion pump, Defibrillator, blood pressure machine, laryngoscope and blades, vacuum mattress, sager splint, spinal board, scoop stretcher, glucometer, electrical suction machine, medivac case bags,emergency_aircraft fixed oxygen cylinder, portable oxygen cylinder, diagnostic set and hard cervical collars and also with medical personnel who are specialized with the patients condition.

The citation Bravo Jet is the only jet in Kenya,East Africa that has in-built air ambulance wheres the B200 Super Kingair and Beechcraft 1900 D/C have been modified into an air ambulance aircraft after the International standards were to be complied with for one to operate or have the fleet installed with this gadgets.

Air Ambulance & Emergency Evacuation charter flights are provided from Kenya within Africa & globally.Air Ambulance charter flights  from Kenyan safari parks to major cities with specialized medical  equipment are provided based on sunrise and sunset  of the airstrips and airports.Where there are no roads and airstrips the helicopter is used for example search & rescue emergency evacuation flights on roads, forest, rivers, lakes, hills, mountain valleys as they do not need runways like fixed wing aircraft but an open space to land.A stretcher and oxygen cylinder are installed with a doctor and an air ambulance is done to the nearest hospital or airport to board  air ambulance jet for specialist medical attention.Air Ambulance air charter flights covers  North and North Eastern Kenya using helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.We have 24/7 operations ready  to work out any logistics and mobilize helicopter or helicopter within the shortest time possible. We prefer  turbo prop aircraft  for long haul flights with pressurized cabin  as they are fast  and have long range endurance.

Air Ambulance charges are based on the distance covered  against an hourly rate of cost per mile and aircraft are charged according to the superiority with cost of medical equipment’s and specialists on board that is a doctor and nurse.

We have fixed wing turbo prop and jets for this operations and helicopter AS350 which do mountain rescue, impassable areas. rescue helicopterWith the high demand we are negotiating with a medical organization so that we can join synergies to be able to provide affordable air ambulance package.Emergency evacuation air charter flights  for personnel movement in war torn areas an in case of state of emergency  to safe areas.Emergency  evacuation flights usually occurs in war torn areas like South Sudan,DR Congo,Somalia,Central Africa Republic and the recommended aircraft for this operations is with pressurized cabin so that it flies at a higher altitude of above 25,000 feet above sea levels.

Meantime we have a very expensive arrangement which is too expensive to some of the patients who have low insurance medical cover. Still we are flexible for those organizations with their own medical equipment and staff we can still provide this service.The ideal aircraft is jet Citation Bravo Jet,Beechcraft 1900C/D, Beechcraft 200/350i which have pressurized cabin but  can only land on paved runways which are long.

Air Ambulance Flights  Tanzania

Tanzania is situated within East Africa region with its capital city in Daresaalam and its parliament in Dodoma.It is in Tanzania that the headquarters and the secretariat of East Africa is based in Arusha.

Tanzania is rich in minerals  and it is one of the prefered tourists destination in Africa.Due to the rapid growth of Tanzania economy the travel industry is also striving to ensure that air transport and world standard hotels and experienced human resources is in place.Air transport  is  the preferred way of travel as we have major international airports whereby inbound and outbound flights operated by mega carriers pick and drop passengers.The local airlines and private operators then feed them to national parks, mainland, islands, game reserves,national parks,private sanctuaries, private conservancies and across the East Africa tourists destination.Air ambulance & emergency air charter flights are  provided to all towns in Tanzania and into national parks and game reserves.Air ambulance operate out of Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Mwanza, Daresaalam  and Zanzibar to towns namely Dodoma, Kigoma, Mbeya, Tabora, Iringa, Mtwara, Musoma, Shinyanga, Geita, Moshi,Zanzibar and many others and where the fixed wing airstrips cannot land or there are no airstrip the helicopter flights will execute the operations as it can land anywhere provided it is open and provide door to door step drop and pick.

emergencyEmergency air charter flights for evacuations,search & rescue flights operate to camps,lodges,valleys ,mountains, roads, Island, lakes,rivers using helicopter flights to areas like Mafia Island, Pemba Island,Tumbatu Island,Mnemba Island,Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru among others.Air Ambulance & emergency evacuation flights do operate into national parks and game reserves namely, Serengeti, Seronera, Sasakwa ,Selous, Mahale, Ruaha, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara , Lobo, Ndutu, Kogatende, Kleins Camp, Grumeti and many others.In areas where fixed wing aircraft can not land the helicopter is utilized.

Air Ambulance  Flights  Entebbe,Uganda

Uganda is situated in East Africa region and it borders with Kenya, Tanzania,Rwanda,DR Congo,South Sudan and we have air operators who operates scheduled and non-scheduled flights.Due to unstable conditions in the neighboring countries like Rwanda, DR Congo,South Sudan the organizations operating in this countries requires  emergency evacuation air charter flights for their personnel’s to safe destinations.The air charter operators have piston single and twin,turbo prop single and twin  and jet aircraft and helicopter ready for these services at a short notice.

Due to insecurity in neighboring countries named above organizations operating in those countries have put contingency plans and contracted air operators in Uganda to be on standby and they pay a retention fee whether their is an emergency or not just to be sure should an emergency occur then they will be able to airlift their personnel to safe destinations.

Air ambulance air charter flights are available  to airlift sick people,injured in road  and air accidents or with any kind of sickness that needs specialized medication.The air ambulance air charter flights in Uganda operate within all parts of Uganda including national parks,game reserves,private sanctuaries, private conservancies,mainland,islands using piston single and twin,turbo prop single and twin and jet aircraft and also rotocraft to areas that have no airstrips.

Air ambulance air charter flights are well equipped with medical equipments and personnel and the patient has to be assessed  before the air ambulance flight is undertaken from a doctor from the hospital where the patient is or area to be able to assist the air ambulance staff to put the right equipment and personnel.Some patients have medical insurance covers and the card number of the patient has to be emailed or faxed to the air operator to confirm with insurance for payment purposes otherwise  the patients next of kin will have to pay and get reimbursement from the insurance company if at all there are issues.With increased insecurity and civil war in these three countries in Africa namely South Sudan,Sudan ,DR Congo and Somalia and with efforts of African Union ,European Union,United Nations,Non-governmental organization and donor agencies trying to give humanitarian aid and relief supplies air transport has become key for the access to this countries.

vacuation and emergencyAir Ambulance & emergency evacuation air charter flights are provided in DR Congo for patients airlift to Kenya,South Africa,Europe,Middle East, Asia, United Kingdom and United States of America for specialized treatment.

Air Ambulance Flights  DR  Congo

These air ambulance flights operates from all  towns in DR Congo and in national parks,game reserves for search & rescue flights and airlifting patients to the nearest hospital in Africa or abroad depending with the condition of the patient.

United Nations,Non-Governmental Organizations and International organizations who operate in DR Congo  due to political instability have put contigency  plans for emergency evacuation of their staff in the event of state of emergency  to safer destinations.Emergency evacuation  flights are provided based on the location of the staff  and avialability of airstrip and airports.DR Congo is also atourist attraction country thus the need need for air ambulance flights  to airlift  patients who fall sick  to the nearest hospital with specialized medical equipment.

Air  Ambulance Flights  Somalia

In Somalia air ambulance & emergency evacuation air charter flights operates into all towns to airlift patients to the nearest hospital with specialized treatment.Air ambulance operate from Bosaso ,Galgayo, Hargesia, Kismayu, Mogadishu, Bardera, Berbera, Baledo ,Burao ,Garowe, Asmara, Johwar, Wajid, Dinsor, Marere ,Afmadow, Saccuien,Jameme using suitable aircraft to each destinations as some airstrips and airports are serviceable and aircraft like jets cannot land into.

Air ambulance & emergency evacuation flights are essential in Somalia as we have United Nations,Non-Governmental organization,International Organization providing various services including healthcare, education, relief supplies,humanitarian aid,water & sanitation,rhabiliatation centres,security,agriculture to the Somalia citizen as this country has been in war for years.Also  due to  the security  threat air transport companies are on alert for any emergency  request  to airlift their staff to safer destinations.

Air Ambulance Flights  South Sudan

In South Sudan air ambulance & emergency evacuation air charter flights operate to Juba, Rumbek, Yambio, Akon, Akobo, Yirol, Yei,Malakal,Aweil ,Ponchalla, Borr, Boma,  Kapotea, Padak,Pading,Air Ambulance air charter flights operate from South Sudan to Kenya,South Africa,Middle East,United Kingdom,United States of America for specialized treatment.

Emergency evacuation air charter flights are put on standby due to insecurity in Somalia by United Nations, NGOs,European Union,international organization for airlifting their staff to safe destinations.International  organization are under obligation to contract an air operator on standby basis and they pay a fee as a measure to ensure should any emergency occur their personnel will be airlifted within the shortest time possible to safe destinations.

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