Private Flights| Wet Lease ACMI Private Flights Kenya|Uganda|Tanzania

Private Flights| Wet Lease ACMI Private Flights Kenya|Uganda|Tanzania


Private executive  rental flights are on high demand in East Africa which comprises of Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,South Sudan,DR Congo, Sudan,Somalia,Central Africa Republic,Rwanda,Burundi and the entire Africa continent.

Private executive jet rental flights  arrive and depart from various international airports in Eastern and Central Africa namely, Jomo Kenyatta airport,Moi Mombasa Airport,Eldoret airport,Kisumu airport , Kilimnajaro airport,Zanzibar airport,Mwanza airport, Dares Salaam airport,Juba airport,Rumbek airport,Malakal airport, Bentiu airport,Yei airport,Yambio airport,Bosaso airport, Garowe airport, Hargesia airport,Galgayo airport,Mogadishu airport,Baidoa airport, Kismayu airport,Entebbe airport,Kigali airport,Bujumbura airport, Addis Ababa airport,Djibouti airport, Kinshasa airport, Lubumbashi airport,Khartoum airport, Port Sudan airport,Bangui airport, Njamena airport,Brazzaville using private chartered business jet aircraft.These aircraft are VIP configured and the have executive cabin with all amenities including  DVD,moving maps, Champagne, soft and hot drinks,lunch,breakfast and dinner served on request and a conference table to hold meetings.

We recommend  Wet Lease ACMI rental  for helicopter and aircraft for long term as you will be able to save and can form consortium with other firms  to be able to meet the guaranteed hours per month and even fly more thus enjoying reduction on hourly rate.


Africa being the fastest growing continent with the best wildlife, national parks,game reserves,islands,lakes,Mountains and luxury safari lodges,tented camps,mobile camping and campsite it attracts travelers globally for international conferences, exhibitions and furthermore many Non-Governmental, International organizations, United Nations and European Union regional offices for Africa are based in Nairobi,Kenya.There are five star,four star,three star and even presidential suites  hotels with recommended international standards and with bullet proof  and bomb proof buildings.

Jomo Kenyatta international airport receives  inbound and outbound international flights after every hour from mega airlines who connects  private charter flights,scheduled passenger flights, helicopter charter flights to various major cities in Eastern and Central Africa.Private jets for hire are readily available on short notice and pilots are on 24/7 stand-by for  air ambulance flights, emergency evacuation charter flights or private charter flights. Jomo Kenyatta international airport has over 200 private air transport operators who are on 24/7 call ready to provide private charter flights to any airport in Africa.

Private  flights  to Tanzania national parks and national parks from Zanzibar,Dar,Kilimanjaro,Arusha  using single and twin engine turbo prop  and jet aircraft.You can hire private flights  for internal transfers within Tanzania safari parks varying from 1 upto 19 seater aircraft for scenic & sightseeing flights,filming flights,aerial survey & photography flights,air taxi flights at very competitive charter prices.


In Tanzania  we have Kilimanjaro international airport,Dares Salaam international airport and Zanzibar with more than 100 private charter companies providing lease hire,private hire,private rental for turbo prop,jets,piston aircraft and helicopters flights.We have private executive jet charter rental flights Kilimanjaro international to Serengeti national park,Seronera national park,   Lake Manyara national park,Katavi national park,Selous national park,Mahale national park  and to Zanzibar for scenic flights, helicopter safaris flights,filming flights,sight seeing flights,tourists flights.


Private executive rental flights by jet in Uganda are provided from Entebbe airport  to any airport in Eastern and central Africa and the African continent.We have mega airlines arriving after hour with passengers connecting regional flights,domestic flights and international flights.Private jet charter hire can be provided from Uganda airport to Jomo Kenyatta airport,Kilimanjaro airport, Kigali airport,Bujumbura airport,Juba airport,Lusaka airport, Bangui airport,Khartoum airport,Djibouti airport,Pemba airport, Moi Mombasa airport,Kisumu airport,Zanzibar airport,Mwanza airport.


Private executive jet rental flights Eastern and Central Africa are unique and differentiated from the normal private charter flights.The aircraft are the newest business jet aircraft converted into VIP and with the the comfort it deserves and it serves as your next home while in flight ,you can work while flying,sleep ,eat or do any meaningful work while in flight which saves your time.You can decide to hold meetings in flight outbound with one group and inbound with a different group and be able to spend less than 36 hours from your work station globally.

Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited with its experienced personnel and flight operations they are available 24/7 on mobile ready to give an instant charter quote and dispatch a flight withing the shortest time possible  on +254775532509, +254722599185  anytime irrespective of day of time for private executive jet rentals Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania,DR Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Central Africa Republic, Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia and the Entire African continent and globally.

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