Beechcraft 1900

Beechcraft 1900

It belongs to the Beech craft family and it is turbo prop twin engine with a pressurized cabin.Operated by 2 pilots flies at 25,000 feet above sea level and it has high take off and landing performance.

It has fuel endurance of 7 hours 30 minutes and it is convertible from passenger to cargo configuration.It can carry 19 passengers normal seating and can be configured into VIP in 12 seats and a toilet can be fitted.

This are the most commonly used aircraft in South Sudan,DR Conngo,Darfur,Afghanistan,Somalia and on domestic scheduled cargo and passenger flights.

They are ideal for VIP executive flights,Private jet flights,private flights,air ambulance,emergency and evacuation flights,humanitarian aid flights and Relief supplies flights.

They are available on wet and dry lease at very competitive rates and on contract from 3 month and above on ACMI or AMI with minimum guaranteed hours.OA0-002

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