1. The above cargo rates can be changed at short notice should the government increases fuel or cost per mile then we will adjust the above cargo rates accordingly.
  2. It is mandatory the client to call or send email or fax to check on availability of seats or space thereafter a local purchase order or voucher will be send for confirmation of flight.
  3. For cargo once the client has confirmed space availability immediately a booking voucher will be send and an invoice will be send and payment has to be made JN0-102 cleared on account 48 hours before departure.
  4. The cost per kilo for cargo is exclusive of warehouse,ground handling,customs documentation which will be at the cost of the client.No Dangerous Goods will be allowed on scheduled cargo & freight flight instead a private charter flight will be recommended.
  5. Tickets for flights into national parks especially during Mid June to end of December a deposit of 30% has to be made at least at the time of confirmation and balance two month to the date of travel as demand during high season is high and the policy is first come and pay first served.
  6. Tickets once booked and paid for if cancelled 30% cancellation fee will be charged.No booking will be confirmed without a voucher,local purchase order or by payment.
  7. Last minute bookings will have to be paid cash once the seats are confirmed within 2 hours otherwise the seats will be releases.In-case of a technical problem or weather the carrier can delay or divert the flight or cancel due to safety aspects .
  8. Excess luggage can be booked as a seat depending on the luggage as one seat represents 75 kilos for those travelers who have more than the 15 kilos luggage allowance.
  9. Flights cancelled last minute will be charged at full fees unless the passenger/s were sick with a letter from an approved medical doctor then the ticket can be used later but no refund.
  10. Tickets are not transferable and if you need to change route or date there is a fee which will be charged.
  11. The client should ensure the right names in the passport or identity card are the ones put on the ticket and it is a must the passenger produces either passport or national identity card at check in deck if not the passenger will not travel.
  12. You are encouraged to carry soft bags especially for flights into national parks,game reserves and private sanctuaries as aircraft used are utility and 70-483 hence they cannot accommodate big suitcases.
  13. Confirmation of booking has to be made 72 hours before departure date otherwise your might be cancelled with no refund.Cancellation policy depends with the period one is doing the reservations so it is not stand but it will be indicated on the invoice .
  14. Note  airport departure tax is not included   for private charter flights  to be paid  on departure but only included in air tickets.
  15. Should the government increase fuel or cost per mile after you have done the booking then the prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited “Your Reliable Flying Partner” ensures that the client is aware procedures  and the consequences  for cancelling bookings so that they shouldn’t be misunderstanding thereafter.

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