Scheduled Air Flights,Domestic,Regional & International Uganda

Scheduled Air Flights,Domestic,Regional & International Uganda

Domestic scheduled air flights in Uganda operate from Entebbe airport,Kampala Airport,Soroti Airport,Arua Airport,Jinja airport,Gulu airport,Kitgum airport to major towns and into national parks and game reserve.

Aircraft used are Let 410 18 seater,Beech-craft 1900C/D 18 seater,Cessna Caravan 208 12 seater,CRJ 100,CRJ 170/190.Domestic scheduled air flights operate into national parks and game reserves from airports in Uganda to Ssese Islands,Queen Elizabeth.Sipi Falls,Kidepo,Jinja,Bwindi,River Nile,Lake Albert,Murchison Falls,Kabalega Falls among others.

Regional scheduled air flights arrive and depart Uganda,Entebbe International airport from Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda,Burundi,DR Congo,South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Egypt,Libya,Nigeria,Ghana operated by various airlines from all over Africa.

Scheduled flights out of Entebbe to Mombasa International airport introduced recently in addition to Entebbe to Nairobi,Entente-Kigali,Entebbee-Bujumbura,Entebbee to Juba,Entebbee-Daresaalam

International scheduled air flights depart and arrive at Entebbe Airport operated by various airlines from Europe,United Arab Emirates,Asia,United Kingdom and United states of America.

These flights arrive and depart at different times and they offer economy,club and business class tickets with different airfares and due to stiff competition and thus giving travelers to consider the benefits given by each airline and the advantage it has over the other to be able to make a choice from among the options at hand.

Also we realized some tourists do purchase special tickets which expires and can not be used and they come to realize when they are in the national parks and when there are no scheduled flights until next day and thus they have to fly out and connect their international flights and that is how the private charter flight comes in for rescue.

Cancellation policy is well stipulated on the tickets as they guide the traveler on the consequences of cancelling flights and they are segmented depending on when the booking was made and confirmed.

Travelers have to note flights cancelled after confirmation and payment is made will be charged a cancellation fees and flights cancelled at eleventh hour on medical grounds or on technical problems or weather there will be no refunds but the ticket can still be used on the same route only with a letter from an approved medical doctor for sickness and for technical problems or weather with a letter from the airline that you were flying on.

Tickets are not transferable and for change for dates of travel a fee will be charged.Re-confirmation of the flight has to be done 72 hours to the date of flight and if a confirmation is not done then it will assumed the flight is not on and the seat is released and a full cancellation fee will be charged. Excess baggage will be subject to space availability but you can pay for a seat which is equivalent to 75 kilos if you want to be assured your excess baggage will be carried on the flight.

For domestic flights you need to check in 45 minutes to check in time and regional and internal flights 2 hours to the flight and you should have a passport for identification and for domestic if you are citizen national identification card on check in.

For international flights ensure you have the visa,vaccination cards as per the requirement of that country and any other documentation required for your visit.Children are of age 2 to 10 years years will be charged 80% of the airfare.Good news afternoon daily scheduled flights introduced from Nairobi to Nanyuki,Mombasa via Amboseli or Tsavo to Masai Mara with Minimum of 4 passengers to operate.During high season we have daily scheduled flights Nairobi via Lake Nakuru at 1200 hrs to Masai Mara.We have 3 daily scheduled flights Nairobi to Ukunda (Diani South Africa) 2 flights in the morning and one in the afternoonNow with 4 daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Masai Mara morning and 3 daily flights in the afternoon Nairobi to Masai Mara now creating more capacity for flights to Masai Mara.We have daily flights Nairobi to Amboseli,Tsavo,Samburu,Chaffa,Loisaba,Nanyuki and two morning flights Nanyuki to Masai Mara,Samburu to Masai Mara,Loisaba to Masai Mara,Lewa Downs to Masai Mara,Meru to Masai Mara with many airlines entering air transport in Kenya the capacity of scheduled flights is increasingly almost meeting the demand.Scheduled daily flights Uganda twice daily out and into Entebbe to Kasese,Entebbe to Bugungu,Entebbe to Kihihi,Entebbe to Pakuba,Entebbe to Kidepo,Entebbe using a Cessna Caravan and Twin otter these has made it possible for tourists to be able to purchase air tickets otherthan hiring private flights and we have connectivity from Nairobi ,Dar, Kilimanjaro, Mwanza, Kigali, Bujumbura, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Arusha inbound and outbound travelers and tourists to connect without having to break their journey.There are at least 2 scheduled flights after two hours from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Juba in South Sudan daily and from Juba to Nairobi. Out of Wilson Airport there 4 flights weekly to Rumbek Via Lokichogio.

To Mogadishu 3 scheduled flights weekly same as to Hargesia.You can book your flight anytime and especially flights to Mogadishu are fully booked in advance and you need to make advance bookings and a seat is only reserved for 48 hours and it is only confirmed upon payment or released.

On every Wednesday there is a scheduled flight from Jomo Kenyatta airport to Mogadishu,Berbera,Hargesia to Djibouti for both cargo and passengers.For cargo NO DANGEROUS GOODS will be allowed on this flight as it is passenger flight and cargo & freight has to be booked in advance and it will be subject to availability at the time of inquiry.

We have made our tourists flights both private and commercial flights unique from our competitors and we have partnered with MEDIPACK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and we provide travel insurance which covers the entire East Africa region that is Kenya,Uganda,Tanzania at competitive rate of usd 75=00 per person for a period of one week.

This includes medical costs,air ambulance flights and emergency evacuation flights incase you fall sick while on a safari or you have an accident.We also provide first aid medical kit with essential medicines for diarrhea,malaria,typhoid at usd 65=00 per kit and for those tourists that are on a safari of more than two weeks the kits are provided for free.

We also provide these for tourists taking private charter flights and we can include the travel insurance in the package if you don’t have it on request.


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