F-27-500 Freighter

This is jet family and one of the first aircrafts used in early 1960s and it has a reputation and currently they have been phased of for carrying passengers and are mainly used for cargo & freight.

It cruises at 25,000 feet above sea level and it can carry up to 5 tones but return fuel to be provided at airport of departure.

It has a cargo door and pallets are used for loading cargo so thatlyit is safely secured.

The F-27-500 can be configured from cargo to passenger and it carries 50 passengers and 3 crew.

F-27-500 are available on wet and dry lease at very competitive rates especially for organizations with bulky and volume cargo as they will benefit when they go beyond the minimum guaranteed rate the hourly rate drops with at least usd 20=00 per hour.

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