Euro copter AS350 B2/3

Euro copter AS350 B2/3

It belongs to the Euro copter family and the latest model of helicopters in the market.

It is in VIP configurations with leather seats and it is flown by 1 pilot and 5 people.

It flies at 11,000 feet above sea level and it is weather and radar equipped.

Being advantageous over fixed wing as it does not need a runway but an open and clear place to land and it can do door to door pick and drop it has become the most famous for wedding anniversaries, business executives, team building, wedding anniversaries, business deals, scenic flights, banner carrying for promotional of services and products to remote areas, aerial survey and photography, private air taxi, search & rescue missions.

The Euro copters are available  for wet and dry lease and in larger capacities for passengers and cargo only on request and for lease from 3  month onwards with minimum guaranteed hours every month.

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