Citation Bravo Excel 560 Jet

It belongs to Cessna family and it cruises at 420 knots per hour and it is in VIP configuration and it can carry 7 people and 3 crew.

It has spacious leg room with inclined leather seats with a round table for conference while in flight.

It can serve for air ambulance and emergency evacuation flights as it has the fittings for all medical machines that are needed for Intensive Care Unit.

It is ideal for government top officials, Ceos, Chairmen/women, business executives, head of missions, with a tidy scheduled that does not meet commercial flights.

We have toilet,inflight attendant, Wifi, DVD, hot and soft drinks,Champagne,mineral water, snacks and if you request lunch, breakfast it can be served and we have screen where you will be shown how many miles you have covered and time and a warning when you are to land.

The crew has undergone the course on how to handle patients in different conditions on altitude to maintain and this aircraft can carry a doctor, nurse and one next of kin and one stretcher and with any other medical equipment required.

This aircraft is available on wet lease, dry lease and on adhoc and Contracting charters and the rates offered are competitive.

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