cargo and freight flights South Sudan prices.

cargo and freight flights South Sudan prices.

We operate consolidated flights to Juba and Rumbek Tuesdays,Thursdays & Saturdays usd2.5

Destination Rate Per Kilo
Nairobi-Juba usd 2.4
Nairobi -Mogadishu usd 2.9 for cargo below 500 kilos
Nairobi -Berbera
usd 3.2 for cargo below 500 kilos
Nairobi-Djibouti usd 3.3 for cargo below 500 kilos

Private Charter Flights rates Kenya Out Of Mombasa /Nairobi to Various Destinations will depend and we can only provide charter quotation based on 3.5 for flights during the day and for 12 and 19 seater we can do them as earlier as 1700 hrs unless it is urgent then we will have to get an aircraft from Nairobi and it will include position and deposition Nairobi which will be too expensive.

Private flights includes Helicopter VIP charter flights,VIP Jet flights,Jet charter flights,Private air taxi flights,private cargo & freight flights, which most of the aircraft are based in Nairobi.

In Nairobi we have aircraft ranging 1 to 5 seater single engine piston and 5 seater twin engine piston, 12 seater single engine turbo prop,19 seater turbo prop pressurized and unpressurized,Super King air 200/350 i pressurized in VIP configuration and normal and Citation Bravo C-550/560 Jets 7 and 8 seater respectively,cargo aircraft 100 kilos to 35 tones and helicopters 1 to 6 seater Euro copter AS 350 B2/3 Enstrom,Bell 407 and Swizz er 350 only for passenger private air taxi and VIP charter flights.

This charter cost are valid for 1 year unless the government increases fuel or cost per mile then we will adjust the following charter rates accordingly.

Airport departure tax excluded of usd 8=00 per person one way return twice for local international usd 40=00 one way and twice for return and airport departure tax Tanzania usd 38=00 per person one-way.

You can be given instant quotation any day and time on our 24/7 mobile +254722599185,+254734403235 welcome to your reliable flying partner for reliability,efficiency and competitive charter rates for cargo and passengers.

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