It belongs to the Boeing family and we have the Combi for cargo & freight and there is one in passenger configurations.

This is one of the first jets manufactured by Boeing and they are reliable for cargo and passengers flights.

The passenger B737 can carry upto 127 people in business and economy class and the cargo upto 15 tones but it will depend with distance from departure to landing airport and availability of fuel if not then we will reduce the load to carry more fuel.

The cargo aircraft has 4 crew members load master, flight engineer and two pilots and this aircraft can only fly to airports and not airfields due to their high performance on landing and takeoff and the engines.

It has a cargo door with pallets for loading cargo so that it is secure and we will also require dimensions of the consignment so that we can compare with the cargo dimension to ascertain if we can carry.

The B737 for cargo and passengers is available on wet lease and dry lease at very competitive rates.

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