Aircraft and Helicopter leasing Eastern & Central Africa

Wet  and Dry Lease Eastern & Central Africa

This a concept where you can hire an aircraft on temporarily basis or long term without having to own .The lessor will be responsible for Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance and all the other need and greedy, yours will be only pay for fuel as you will monitor and may be you have special price, landing, navigation, landing, overflight and landing clearance, crew validation license, work permit, accommodation,meals, transport and their per diem.

We have two types of leases,dry lease,wet lease  which  are laid as per the agreement by the Lessor/Owner  and Lessee .The Lessee is the one who leases the aircraft for use whereas the Lessor is  one who acts as agent or may be the owner of the aircraft or broker.There is a lease agreement that is signed and it has the lease rate fee per block hour,lease a monthly payment terms obligation for Lessor &Lessee , insurance, liability, maintenance  of aircraft and terms and conditions for payment and the duration of the lease and whether dry or wet lease.

Lease Purchase  of Aircraft & Helicopter

We have lease purchase where by the Lessee can make a deposit and the month lease payments be part of the payments and after some duration he/she becomes the owner  but the aircraft still remains in the name of Owner until the payment is cleared then it is transferred to the Lessee and it may be financed  or done directly by the Lessee depending our the financial stability of the Lessee and approved by the Lessor/Owner

Our Management have personnel who have vast experience in air transport in both general aviation .We have partnerships with firms all over the world who owns, leases all types of aircraft and helicopters depending with the geographical area and the type of work.

Leasing  Management Kenya

Our Managing Director has handled  contracts on wet lease  operated Unicef,WFP,PSF,United Nations, on-Governmental organization operated by Aircraft Leasing Services Nairobi, on wet lease. These flights were for humanitarian aid supporting and supplying relief supplies for UNICEF using C-208 Caravan based in Wajir and serving the entire northern and north east Kenya.He has experience in aircraft lease and management agreements and also in adhoc air charter contracting  charter flights.

He managed flights for World Food Program me from Nairobi to Goma DR Congo former Zaire delivering personnel and distributing food, medicine, and medical personnel, teachers to the IDPs.For ICRC he used to coordinating 2 leased aircrafts for Somalia and Bukavu in DR Congo based in Nairobi and in supplement the leased aircraft were used for emergency evacuation in war torn areas when a state of emergency is declared or airlift personnel injured in wars between the government and the opponents.

For Non-Governmental organization he used to coordinate flights using Cessna 208,Buffalo,H748 ,F-27 Freighter for humanitarian aid flights on short and long contracts to South Sudan, Somalia and Rwanda, Burundi out of Nairobi,Lokichogio,Bukavu and Jamame. We have dry lease where you partially owns the aircraft and you need to be an AOC and ASL holder as you will manage crew and maintenance. Wet lease you only  manage direct operational costs,landing,parking,all operating license and permits in the country of operations, fuel,crew accommodation, meals, per diem,ground transport, visas and work permit which is not included in the lease.

We can arrange for wet lease,dry lease and lease purchase for passenger,cargo  and private VIP Business Jets  in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,Somalia,DR Congo,South Sudan,Central Africa Republic, Djibouti,Sudan and the entire Africa continent on very easy lease terms and conditions.We provide aircraft & helicopter leasing within Eastern & Central Africa for Non-Governmental Organizations, private companies,United Nations,European Union for short and long term use.We do a feasibility study  and business plan for a start up airline based on the operate desire that is airline or private charter .

Aircraft and helicopter leasing needs a lot of vetting on the aircraft documents,crew documents,aircraft logbook on air frame,propeller and engines  and to ensure  the aircraft is airworthy as you might lessee an obsolete aircraft which is due for engines,air frame or propeller overhaul and thus interrupting with your plans.Also aircraft specification is vital as it will show the year of manufacturer, date due or hours for engine, propeller, air frame overhaul  and  the age of the aircraft, endurance,weight  and  the inventory of the parts and dates the last maintenance was done.

We have two three type of leases dry, wet and purchase  and we can assist in securing aircraft or helicopter on any of the lease in Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania,DR Congo, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Central Africa Republic, Djibouti at very competitive lease  rates for cargo ,passenger and private charters.

We also handle  lease of aircraft for domestic scheduled passenger and cargo flights at very affordable monthly rental  payments or on lease purchase at  a period of not more less than 10 years.Wet lease and dry lease can be for 3 month or more based on the project renewable.

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