Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited was registered on 19th January 2006 and incorporated in May 2006. Its head office is situated in the Nairobi Business District Center on Moi Avenue, Development House Opposite Coop Bank Building, 8th floor, suite 814 and with its operations office at Wilson Airport.

Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited is registered under the companies ACT in Kenya Certificate of Incorporation number C125320, The City Council Of Nairobi License number BP0425009 and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority ASL O439, Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Certificate Number P051181195W, Value Added Tax registration number 0154880V so it is fully licensed to operate.

With the experience of our personnel having worked for airlines and general aviation and with the experience we are able to work out your needs in the most economical manner by doing back to back logistics for travel and tour company’s that have big groups so that we maximize on profits and time by providing technical advice on whether it will cheaper to use private charter flights or scheduled flights to the tourists destination in their itinerary.

This why we are there to ensure our clients is given different options to choose from and the ultimate decision remains with the client due to budget and the nature of the safari that he/she is taking.We act as asubstitute  to commercial flights where  clients schedule doesnt match  the commercial flights timetable with flexibility chose of departure time but importantly considering  closing and opening of airports and airstrips.

We believe in being sincere so that we can maintain our clients as if not where another player enters into the market there will be no room to negotiate as our clients will have no confidence in our firm.We believe in providing reliable,efficient,reliable and cost effective products and services without compromising with safety.

Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited  is “your reliable flying partner”. Our base is at Wilson airport, Nairobi Kenya and have spread our wings all over Eastern & Central Africa.

Our scope of work  includes, Private charter flights,air taxi flights,scenic & sightseeing flights,filming flights, aerial survey & photography flights,VIP charter flights, Private charter flights,Private cargo flights, scheduled  cargo & passenger flights,Humanitarian Aid flights, Relief supplies flights,Air Ambulance flights,Emergency Evacuation flights,Aircraft & Heelicopter Leasing,Rent  A plane & self hire fly,Aviation Management Courses, Aeronautaical engineering courses,Pilot & helicopter training,Tourists charter flights among many other avioation related activities.

Our fleet consists of single & twin engine piston,single & twin engine turbo prop and jets for private & lease hire on short and long term.

Lease management  in drafting lease agreements for any kind of leases  for scheduled and no-scheduled  flights within Eastern and Central Africa for United Nations,European Union, International organization,  Non Governmental Organization and governments and individuals.We have provided  air charter services to tours & travel companies Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,  United Kingdom,Non-Governmental organizations, international organizations ,individuals  for  VIP flights,scenic & sightseeing flights,filming flights, helicopter flights,scheduled flights,aerial survey& photography flights,humanitarian aid & relief flights.

Managemnet  staff have  vast experience in aviation management and flying,  we will provide you with the expertise  you require for your air transport need of whatever type as long as you give them your budget. The shareholders and directors  have  over  15 years experience in aviation  and they hold  degree in Business  Administration (ABE) .The managers  have  at least advanced  diploma  in  Business Administration (ABE) with over  15 years working experience in general aviation.Our pilots having worked for Military ,major airlines and genral aviation  have also been trained on Crew Resource Management,Emergencies ,security,safety ,Customer care and how to make economic decisions when there is bad weather and are forced  to land at an alternative airport to save the company and client on costs.They also attend refresher courses  and re-cuurency checks based on company training policy.Our pilots undergo thorough  training before they are released  to be in command also considering the set training standards and the necessary route checks.

Why choose  Wings Over Africa Aviation Limited?We  are aware of  the eventualities  that require urgent attention thus we have emergency lines where you can call and get instant assistance irrespective of day and time.We strive to ensure our clients get value of their money by providing efficient,safe  and cost effective services and products without compromising with safety.We can provide charter qouation instantly and mobilize domestic flights with the shortest time possible and cross-border within 2 to 6 hours during working hours.We can facilitate  immigration and customs officers to clear passengers from any safari park in Kenya  and depart to any point of entry or exit in Tanzania,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,DR Congo wthin one week  and those with a timetable we can get block clearances thus no husstle of having to fly to the point or entry or exit thus disrupting your clients memorable moments.

For maintenance of aircraft and helicopter we work with approved maintenance organization with civil aviation authority  to ensure we operate safe .The engineers have the required technical  and working experience  of over 10 years and this assures you of high standard of maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.They attend refresher courses organized by maintenannce and manufacturing companies  to keep them current.

We are dedicated to give our customers personalized service  by being available 24/7 on cellphone , +254775532509, +254734403235 whatsup +254722599185  irrespective of  time and day ready to work out any logistic or quotation of any kind at the short notice.

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